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The school provides a student friendly, safe and hygienic infrastructure to accommodate all scholastic and foundational domains needs. The school is divided into primary and senior that are housed in two distinct buildings, each one complete in itself to cater to all curricular requirements.

Primary Block

The primary block houses grades 2 to 5 students. The building is colourful, safe and vibrant like the students who bring joy and life to it. Every room is equipped with latest technology to assist teaching learning of the inquiry-based curriculum.

Dance Studio- a fully carpeted space to ensure student safety while practicing their dance moves. The students are taught both Eastern classical and Western dances that are integrated with their UOIs.

  1. Music Studio- to practice their skills of singing and playing piano. All components of music are in sync with the curriculum to ensure seamless integration
  2. Art Room- a well-lit spacious studio for students to practice their art skills
  3. Library- a well-stocked library with both physical and digital resources to encourage our students to read, research and enquire about things that fascinate them
  4. Atrium- A central space where students present role plays, organize end of UOI displays and socialize to enliven the space with their sharing, discussions and laughter
  5. Basketball Court- State of the art basketball court to encourage young students to improve their strength, stamina and skills
  6. Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton and
  7. Skating
  8. Swimming pool- outdoor with fully trained coaches and lifeguard
  9. Computer Lab- used as an area to facilitate research and inquiry, integrated with the UOIs
  10. VR Studio- to facilitate teaching learning through virtual reality
  11. CCTV coverage that is monitored 24x7

Senior Block

The senior school is divided into two distinct areas, one housing the Middle school (grades 6 to 8) and the other for the Senior school (grades 9 to 12). All rooms are airy and well-lit with spacious corridors to facilitate student movement safely.

The senior wing offers the following:

  • Science Labs- fully equipped to meet all curricular expectations and provide hands on and experiential opportunities to students
  • Library- senior library is well stocked with both reading and research material to assist students on their learning journey
  • Cafeteria- to serve hygienic and healthy food to students
  • Art Studio- a beautiful space where students explore the diversity of culture and history through various art forms
  • Dance & Music Studios- to provide opportunity to students to explore their talent in both eastern and western forms of performing arts
  • Theatre Studio- Students practice theatre and performances in this area under the guidance of their Theatre teacher
  • Indoor Sports Area- offering Table Tennis and Chess
  • Outdoor Sports Area for Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball and Athletics
  • Swimming pool- outdoor with fully trained coaches and lifeguard
  • VR studio- to facilitate teaching learning through virtual reality
  • CCTV coverage that is monitored 24x7

The school has all administrative offices in one area to meet parents and visitors. The vibrant school reception with its Warli murals represents the cultural ethos of the school. The safe and nurturing environment is a reflection of our philosophy of providing the best for our students.