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It is believed that books are a window to the world. This underscores the importance that a library has in leading a young learner into that cozy corner, which is the school library. An array of books and journals covering a range of subjects, are there for students to gain insight and understanding. The reading material available provide food for thought and imagination—for both fiction and fact, rub shoulders with each other, to grab the attention of the reader. A display of the latest books and editions of magazines, shares space with a stand on which daily newspapers are put up, to entice eyeballs to browse through the latest happenings in the world around. The rustle of paper, the feel of a word, the turn of a phrase and the layers of meaning in idiom- certainly cast their spell upon the young learner, paving their way forward to become avid readers!

The narcotic of just tumbling into the word of print and paper, has seen gaining its hold on the imagination and interest of the each inhabitant of the school with the movement DEAR—Drop Everything And Read---and the bell that heralds the time to do so, is as welcome to the ears of students as the bell for their recess---a scramble to quickly delve into the precious book they have carried to school for this magic moment, is easily seen as one of the most joyful moments in the day.

Acknowledging the fact that a library is a storehouse of knowledge, the school has well stocked library with a rich collection and array of books which encourages students to ‘get carried away by a good book.’ DPSG has a library architecture that is inspirational and conducive to learn.

This assortment of knowledge provides them with a place to think, learn and share ideas and facilitates them with the power of information to widen their horizons.

Introducing e-books for children.

The staff of DPSG is enrolled with many other associates where they can cite to the unlimited e-books available on the site. Students will soon be catalogued to have an adequate access to this network and thus augment their reading skills with the help of this magnificent database of e-books.

'Books let you travel without moving your feet.'

We, at DPSG Palam Vihar have always believed in the enormous possibilities that a good book can offer. It not only stimulates the imagination but also expand the understanding of the world. In order to instill reading habits among the students and to create lifelong readers, book fairs are organized every year in the school premises.Apart from promoting literacy and reading habit, the book fairs present a vast panorama of books- varying from fiction to facts, poetry to puzzles, and anthologies to novels. The opportunity to browse books of different genres and subject matters has been a wonderful experience for the students.

The book fairs organized by the school has always received an overwhelming response from the students, teachers and parents.