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Sports and Games are an integral part of school life at DPSG Palam Vihar. The spirit of indomitable will power, endurance, strength and determination have made each student here always strive for the highest. We ensure that the students work towards a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally through active participation in a wide range of physical activities offered by the school. Sports contribute to positive reinforcement of the educational development and act as an imperative for the overall development of an individual. It plays an indispensable role in the growth of an individual and develops two most important qualities  sportsmanship and team spirit. We believe in mass participation, exposing our students to several sports events at inter-school, state and national level. Every student serves as an ambassador of the true spirit of DPSG  on and off the field.

Kudos to Champions..

Parineeta Saini of Class 8 B has been selected for Soft Ball Nationals.

Angel Chauhan played the Open National Championship from Ajay Taekwondo Academy in the Kyorugi Event in cadet under-49 Kg which was held on 30th October 2022.

Inter House Sports Competition

DPSG, Palam Vihar has always been known for its enthusiasm towards extra-curricular activities. Recently, the school organised sports competitions for students of the 6th to 12th standard. Each of these was an inter-house competition, and the purpose was to keep the competitive spirit alive among students. Categories had been decided as per classes. Students from 6th to 8th participated in category 1, while those from 9th to 12th participated in category 2.The Ganga house boys stole the thunder in the category 1 volleyball competition, while the runners-up were Kaveri house boys. 


Physical Education is an integral part of imparting holistic education and helps attain both mental and physical prowess. Constantly driven by this realization, D.P.S.G Palam Vihar hosted the ‘Junior District level Softball Championship’ under- 17 on 13th October 2021 organized by District Softball Association, Gurugram . The event was inaugurated by the secretary, Kridabharti organization, Mr. Umesh Kumar and Principal, DPSG Palam Vihar, Ms. Srividya Sridhar who motivated and cheered the participants for their rigour, reflexes, and discipline.Around 250 participants from the N.C.R took part in the championship with great zeal and enthusiasm. In the Under 17 boys’ category, the final match was played between Government Model Sanskriti School and DPSG Palam Vihar where participants showcased their unyielding spirit. DPSG Palam Vihar was successful in securing the second position in the under 17 Boys’ Category. Atharv Panchal from Grade 9, Rahul Kumar from Grade 10 and Krish Dagar from Grade 11 have qualified for the State Level Championship to be held on the 17th of October.In the Under 17 Girls’ Category, the final match was played between Government Senior Secondary School, Chakkarpur, Government Model Sanskriti School and the Government Senior Secondary school defeated their contenders 5-4 in a thrilling match. DPSG Palam Vihar bagged the 3rd position.The event concluded with the inspiring and motivating words of the President of the Association, Mr. Jaibir Singh and Education district officer, Mr. Jagdish Ahlawat who praised the organizers and congratulated the winners.In this occasion mentors of the participating teams D.P Sandeep Kumar, Mr. Sandeep Jakhar (organizing secretary), D.P Santosh Rathi, Mr. Sataydev Kataria, Mr. Manoj, Mr. Anuj Kataria, Mr. Ajay Chauhan and Mr. Jitendra Yadav also marked their presence.   




Cricket can be a powerful and lasting component of a students learning and development, in turn bringing wider educational and social benefits. Teachers report that the cricket coaching sessions help in improving the attendance, behaviour, concentration, motivation and general attitude of students towards education. DPSG, provides competitive opportunities for children so they can aim high, work hard towards goal and learn how to win and lose graciously. They also build resilience to bounce back.


Physical Education is an integral part of education and paves the way for holistic development of learners. It fosters the physical, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development of learners. As a component of Foundational Domain, this is a compulsory part of the daily routine in school for all students and also  offered as an optional subject at senior secondary level to develop learners competencies and confidence to take Physical Education as a career pathway too.


The game of basketball is a game of accepting failure; of accepting imperfections; of realizing that the perfect game has never been played, never will be played, or ever could be played.

- Tony Alphonso

Basketball is a game that involves movement of the entire body. The students learn the art of team-spirit and acceptance through this team game. We at DPSG, make sure that students not only play the game, rather understand it through teamwork and perseverance. The sport welcomes integration of the syllabi as students apply their knowledge while understanding the game. Many students have excelled the game and represented our school at various levels.

The students of DPSG Palam Vihar have always displayed remarkable expertise in sports. DPSGites participated in many sports tournaments across levels and won laurels for the school, some of which are highlighted below:



Football trains all your physical abilities. It keeps you both physically and mentally fit. It increases cognitive brain function as concentration is one of the most crucial parts of playing football. It's a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for students to improve their speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance.

Some of the major highlights were:

              Saumya bagged the gold medal in Athletics.
  • Saumya, Dweep, Kirti, Tanisha, Gagan, Shubham, Rahul and Aditya bagged the silver medals in 4 X 100m Relay
  • Dweep and Gagan  bagged the silver medals in 100m sprint 
  • Dweep bagged the silver medal for 800m sprint
  • Sejal, Kirti, Gagan and Pratham bagged the silver medals for Long Jump. 
  • Aditya and Rahul won the bronze medal for 100m sprint 
  • Shubham won a bronze medal for 200m sprint.   


Swimming makes you smarter. It improves memory function and thinking skills. It also improves mood, anxiety, and stress, which increases the brains ability to think more efficiently. Students in DPSG are encouraged to build their endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness through swimming. It also helps them in maintaining a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs.

These achievements are a result of schools encouragement and focus on Foundational Domains and providing both amenities and opportunities for students to achieve laurels in the areas of interest. The school recognizes the diverse aptitudes and connected career pathways and hence follows an integrated curriculum where all areas , scholastic or foundational, are accorded due importance .


Excellence in Action is Yoga

Yoga is the unifying art of transforming dharma into action by seeking mental and spiritual peace. Its innate ability to cease the mental chatter and live in the moment reduces stress and anxiety, showing profound benefits in every sphere of life. It helps students to deal with their stress and bring back some peace of mind. Those who regularly practice yoga not only report lower levels of stress and anxiety and subsequently improved academic performance. The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

04 students of DPSG Palam Vihar namely Pratham, Ritvik & Maneet of class XII and Charvi of class X got selected in Gurgaon Junior Basketball -Boys and Girls team. They represented their team at Haryana State Junior Basketball Championship - Boys and Girls held during 27th to 29th September at Kaithal.


Volleyball is one of the most interactive games. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation and reciprocity. It involves lot of trust, that is acquired by the students while playing. We make sure that the students integrate their favourite subjects while playing the game and apply their knowledge on the field. This enhances their overall personality and develops a sense of responsibility among them. The students also learn to work in a team, take responsibility and trust their teammates.


The school has a specialized skating arena where children master the fun-filled sport under the guidance of experienced coaches. Skating offers quite a few benefits for the mind as well as body. It helps the students to burn off extra energy, build strong muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. As the students build skills with practice at the skating rink, that sense of accomplishment provides confidence boost to carry over into the classroom.


DPSG believes that physical education is a significant indicator of the robustness of spirit. Through athletics, teachers work on gross motor skills as well as improving coordination, balance and manipulative techniques through units of running, jumping, throwing and catching. The goal is to help students pick up lifetime skills such as attentiveness, respect, authenticity, excellence, working in teams etc.


  • Haryana Softball Association organized a  week long training camp for boys from all over the country at DPSG Palam Vihar  in August 2019 . Jatin Dabas ,of class XI ,was selected to represent India at the Junior Asian Softball Championship to be held at Malaysia in September 2019. 
  • Jatin Dabas participated in the Asian Jr. Men Softball Championship held in Malaysia and did the nation proud when he represented Team India bagging the bronze medal at the Championship
  • Four students of the school namely Pratham, Ritvik & Maneet of class XII and Charvi of class X were selected for  Gurgaon Junior Basketball -Boys and Girls team. They  represented their team at Haryana State Junior Basketball Championship - Boys and Girls held during 27th to 29th September '19 at Kaithal. 
  • Gurgaon Boys team reached the semi- finals whereas the girls team played the Quarter finals. Another feather in the cap was when the School Basketball team won the bronze medal in Open District Sub-Junior Basketball Tournament.
  • Aditya Chauhan secured 1st position in Shot put & Athletics Championship held at DAV Public School Bhondsi.The annual athletic, IT & Cultural meet of DPSG group’s schools was organized by SelaQui International at Dehradun on 20th and 21st April, 2019. The meet saw participants from 8 schools including DPSG-PV.

64 students from DPSG-PV participated in the event and put up a brilliant   performance, displaying their prowess in sports.

Jatin Dabas of class XI have been selected to represent India at the Junior Asian Softball Championship to be held at Malaysia from 7th -13th September 2019. He is the only player to get selected from the entire Haryana state. He got selected based on his performance at final selection trial held during 25th -26th July 2019 at Rohtak. During the championship held during 8th -12th September at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the Indian Jr. National team won bronze medal. Congratulations Team India!!