Dear Parents,

As a school that believes in communication and collaboration to ensure successful outcomes for our students, we consider parents and school to be equal partners in this beautiful journey of learning, sharing, reflecting and growing. Education cannot be merely taken as a way to material gains but is meant to ‘ educate the mind’, to create open minded thinkers who would be principled and ethical in action. In a world that is driven by external motivation, we aspire to facilitate our students into becoming intrinsically motivated , responsible and aware individuals.
In Newton’s words- ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. The same thought is echoed in the Karma theory too and as a school, we hope that our students will learn to make wise decisions, take correct actions and reflect as more conscious individuals who are constantly growing through personal and shared learning experiences. The school opens its doors to creating a happy and safe environment for all, where every single member is respected, nurtured and motivated to contribute positively towards creating a vibrant learning community.

Welcome to this journey that we will undertake together as equals to ensure success for each of our students.

Warm Regards
Dipika Rao