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AlI would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding - John Donohue

The thought expressed in the quote above would be an apt inspiration to introduce the four houses at DPSG, Palam Vihar after the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati and Kaveri. Students are grouped into these four houses to empower them with the responsibility for their own journey. Within the unity of the house , each student explores their own identity and adds diversity to this association.

Just like each river flows on its unique journey of discovering new realms but become one in their confluence with the ocean, so too, do the members of the four houses, imbibe the distinctive qualities of their houses while they collaborate and compete , upholding the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, to move towards the common goal of the school ethos .

Competition is very good. As long as it is healthy. It is what makes one strive for the better.

House system plays a vital role in the scheme of education environed by DPSG Palam Vihar. The school has always believed in instilling a spirit of healthy competition among the students by engaging them in different inter-house activities and events. This enables every student to become an integral part of the school and develop a zeal in them to contribute. The house system strives to achieve their goals by providing a secure and positive social environment where each student feels valued and respected.

The Houses are formed with a purpose of instilling a spirit of teamwork and unity among the students along with providing them a platform to showcase and hone their talent in different fields. House meetings are held on monthly basis where the students come together and discuss about the upcoming events and activities.

At DPSG Palam vihar we have four houses, each named after a river.

At DPSG Palam vihar we have four houses, each named after a river. -

  1. Ganga House
  2. Yamuna House
  3. Saraswati House
  4. Kaveri House


Ganga House draws its distinctive features from the description of Gaur Varna i.e. One who is Light. The house colour of golden yellow, symbolizes purity, piety and a sanguine natureand all those who belong to this house strive to emulate these traits.


(School Captain)

Tejas Jha

(School house Vice captain)


Yamuna House takes its personality from being Shyam Varna Deep blue in colour with the depth and gravity of the Yamuna river. The members of this house graduate into becoming deep thinkers and conscientious doers.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)


Kaveri House, named after the river Kaveri, is much like the Kaveri or the auspicious pot in which it was carried down from the heavens, to nourish and revive the parched earth by the sages. Generosity, kindness and care towards all and to the environment, are the guiding principles that drive each house member.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)

Saraswati House

Saraswati House draws its inspiration from the mythical river Saraswati , which is believed to reveal itself only to those beings who have faith and an altruistic purpose. The students of this house grow into becoming selfless and devoted towards making a positive difference to the world.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)

Investiture Ceremony

DPSG Palam Vihar held its long-awaited Investiture ceremony on July 15th. It was an honour to recognise and award badges to the newly elected Student Council Members, a varied bunch of outstanding students.

Principal Ms Jayshree Patel and Director schools, Haryana cluster Mr Nitin Bhatia felicitated the guests. The SHO Cybercrime, Amit Kumar, graced the occasion with his presence.

The chief guest and principal ma’am started the badging ceremony beginning with the captain positions starting with - School Captain (Girl), Prachi Sharma, School Captain (Boy), Akshat Bhardwaj, School Head Prefects - Sparsh Sharma, and Sitanshi Tewary, Sports Captain - Krish Chillar, Cultural Captain - Gauri J. Chavan, Head of I.T. - Abhinav Kumar Singh, and Chief Editor - Avani Nadkar. The badging ceremony continued with the announcements of the House Captains ,Class and Section Prefects.

SHO Cybercrime Mr Amit Kumar gave a speech congratulating all the council members and educated the students about cybercrime. The school’s principal, Ms Jayshree Patel, addressed the gathering with her pearls of wisdom and congratulated and encouraged the new appointees to work diligently.

School’s Head Girl, Prachi Sharma led the entire student council to administer the ‘oath’ with a promise to strive for excellence in every field. Akshat Bhardwaj, the school's Head Boy, thanked everyone gathered and promised to lead the council with a zeal for excellence.

Prefectorial System

E-voting at DPSG

The process of electronic voting to form the prefectorial board took place in the school premises. The democratic principle of universal franchise and secret ballot received a new impetus with the classrooms as polling booths and educators as polling officers. The student voters from Grades VI to XII cast their votes digitally to elect the members of the student council. The presentation of manifestos and campaigning by the contestants helped students gain knowledge about the election process. This helped to inculcate the leadership qualities in the ones contesting the elections and to make them responsible human beings. The candidates had a great opportunity to learn that authority and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. The members of the student community exercised their decision-making skills to elect the School Captain, the Sports Captain, the Cultural Captain, the school Prefect, the Wing Prefect, the House Captain and the class Prefect. This exercise was useful in learning about the protocols to be followed by the candidates as well as the voters. The procedure encouraged the participation and involvement of everyone. The students were brimming with excitement and are eagerly waiting for the results to be announced. The members of the teaching community also exercised their powers of discretion and enthusiastically cast their votes.

Leadership Training

The Student Council Members from all the DPSG Schools met at the picturesque campus of Sela Qui International School to participate in the Student Council Leadership Training Programme. The programme was designed with a view to hone up their leadership skills through collaborative activities on communication, team building and conflict resolution. The programme was conducted in two batches was attended by School Heads, designated members of School Academic Council and Student Council Members. Following the protocol, the members of the prefectorial board of DPSG, Palam Vihar reached the premises in two batches and learnt all about critical real-world life and management level skills. Camp day at Dwara jungle required the council members to perform multiple adventurous and thrilling activities which involved critical thinking, teamwork and coordination. The blindfold activity and chess activity invigorated the members where active listening, communication and coordination came to the fore. The campers learnt how to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and choices to immerse themselves in camp activities. The pipes and marble activity and the toxic river crossing game fostered a sense of teamwork. These tasks brought out brought about a pure feeling of togetherness. The session on conflict resolution exposed the students to diverse perspectives, ideologies, and sentiments. The programme showcased the ability to adapt, understand other opinions, and appreciate priorities other than one’s own. This summer leadership camp helped the student leaders to analyse and categorize themselves as different types of leaders and gain a proper understanding about how to sort out the conflicts and challenges in a better way. The enthusiastic and eager participants could emerge out of their comfort zones and were able to develop emotional intelligence.

This beneficial and fruitful session has empowered student leaders to be role model for their peers.


PRACHI SHARMA- School Captain - Girls

Hello everybody! I'm Prcahi Sharma, School Captain DPSG Palam Vihar and I'm extremely elated to have been given this opportunity of serving the school. First and foremost, I'd like to thank each person who rooted for me and trusted me for the position of being their leader. I've been a consistent student always and I feel honoured that it got recognised by such impeccable mentors. School is a place where we learn the most, grow the most, create the most memories and above all identify ourselves as individuals who are more than just students. To have been given the platform to explore and enhance my abilities, I would like to focus on not only myself, but also help other students as well in doing the same because it's the students who make the school. While always being empathetic, I'd like to be as helpful as possible towards my community. I shall try my best to be someone my fellow mates would want to look up to. I promise to uphold my responsibility with sheet dedication and be a 'servant leader' at all times.



Greetings, everyone! I am Akshat Bhardwaj and I am currently serving as the school captain of DPSG Palam Vihar. It’s a tremendous honor to lead the school’s student council this year. I am committed to being an engaged and participative captain, upholding discipline, and advancing the school’s vision. I eagerly anticipate achieving new milestones for my school alongside my fellow council leaders. I am determined to justify the trust placed in me by leaving no effort spared. My responsibilities involve collaborating closely with council members, the student community, and staff. Additionally, I’ll apply insights and learnings from the Student Council Leadership Programme and my prior experience as the School Vice Head Prefect of last year to strengthening and empowering the impact left by this year’s Student Council. Lastly, I extend my gratitude to the teachers and students who believed in my capabilities and elected me to this role.
Thank you!


Hello everyone!
I, Gauri Chavan, the cultural captain of DPSG, Palam Vihar, would like to express my gratitude for being part of the student council session 2023–24. I feel so grateful for this opportunity since it lets me put forward my ideas and ideate them to make an impact on the school community. I can say that school is a place given to students to create creativity and bring about a positive outlook towards life. So being part of the council gives me the opportunity to create awareness about art education because, once we get awareness of the same, we could build up many possibilities in the field of culture as a whole. I feel every DPSG student should get the exposure to all extracurricular activities at par and showcase their talent wherever possible. Thus, as a cultural captain, I will always try nurturing an inclusive and diverse environment for all.