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AlI would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding - John Donohue

The thought expressed in the quote above would be an apt inspiration to introduce the four houses at DPSG, Palam Vihar after the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati and Kaveri. Students are grouped into these four houses to empower them with the responsibility for their own journey. Within the unity of the house , each student explores their own identity and adds diversity to this association.

Just like each river flows on its unique journey of discovering new realms but become one in their confluence with the ocean, so too, do the members of the four houses, imbibe the distinctive qualities of their houses while they collaborate and compete , upholding the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, to move towards the common goal of the school ethos .

Competition is very good. As long as it is healthy. It is what makes one strive for the better.

House system plays a vital role in the scheme of education environed by DPSG Palam Vihar. The school has always believed in instilling a spirit of healthy competition among the students by engaging them in different inter-house activities and events. This enables every student to become an integral part of the school and develop a zeal in them to contribute. The house system strives to achieve their goals by providing a secure and positive social environment where each student feels valued and respected.

The Houses are formed with a purpose of instilling a spirit of teamwork and unity among the students along with providing them a platform to showcase and hone their talent in different fields. House meetings are held on monthly basis where the students come together and discuss about the upcoming events and activities.

At DPSG Palam vihar we have four houses, each named after a river.

At DPSG Palam vihar we have four houses, each named after a river. -

  1. Ganga House
  2. Yamuna House
  3. Saraswati House
  4. Kaveri House


Ganga House draws its distinctive features from the description of Gaur Varna i.e. One who is Light. The house colour of golden yellow, symbolizes purity, piety and a sanguine natureand all those who belong to this house strive to emulate these traits.


(School House Captain)


(School house Vice captain)


Yamuna House takes its personality from being Shyam Varna� Deep blue in colour with the depth and gravity of the Yamuna river. The members of this house graduate into becoming deep thinkers and conscientious doers.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)


Kaveri House, named after the river Kaveri, is much like the Kaveri or the auspicious pot in which it was carried down from the heavens, to nourish and revive the parched earth by the sages. Generosity, kindness and care towards all and to the environment, are the guiding principles that drive each house member.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)

Saraswati House

Saraswati House draws its inspiration from the mythical river Saraswati , which is believed to reveal itself only to those beings who have faith and an altruistic purpose. The students of this house grow into becoming selfless and devoted towards making a positive difference to the world.


(School House Captain)


(School House Vice Captain)

Investiture Ceremony

DPSG, Palam Vihar organised an Online Investiture Ceremony on Friday, 23rd July 2021 announce the Student Council for the 2021-22 batch. All school council members and their parents, teachers joined the event and participated with enthusiasm in cheering on induction of the new council. The School Principal, Ms. Shoma Lahiri, welcomed the students and their proud parents to the ceremony. She praised the students for their dedication and sheer hard work, and felt immense pride to see the cooperation and support among students and teachers during the dark times everyone is going through. The function commenced with a melodious song sung by Ms. Avni Bennett, which perfectly suited the event and created a sense and essence of togetherness among the audience. The audience was introduced to the council members by the school heads.This was followed by an oath taking ceremony where these captains took a pledge to undertake all their duties to the best of their abilities. Further, a cultural dance was performed by the school students, which held everyone captive to their moves. The online performance left everyone awestruck. The occasion was graced by Shri.Anshul Pathak, DGSG Society Chairman of the school, appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to take part in activities like these. He also congratulated the newly appointed school council for their preparedness to take responsibilities along with their proud parents, and requested them to guide and extend their support to the appointees.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks.

Prefectorial System

The process of selecting the perfect candidates for the position of Prefect begins with the students pro forma self-assessment, followed by evaluation by the Class Teacher. Based on their recommendations, students are interviewed and graded. The recommended candidates are then elected by the school students .The elected candidates are shortlisted by a committee for the final round of interviews and approval by the Principal.

Leadership Training

Students selected as Council Members and Prefects undergo formal training to handle their responsibilities with perfection and fairness. Students develop the skills of management, communication, and problem resolution. Most importantly, they are taught to inculcate principles and display discipline.

As a part of leadership training, students are encouraged to take personal challenges, identify their areas to scaffold, gain understanding of threats and opportunities and emerge as a person who is a more conscious , balanced and collaborative. Students are taken on an outdoor leadership camp where they stay in the nature, engage in team building activities, perform duties, solve problems and learn to survive through both physically and emotionally challenging situations.

The tasks are well arranged and� appropriate to the age level of students with trained faculty to assist them through the process. Each student is expected to record their leadership journey through a journal that includes student introspection and reflection. At the culmination, students share their experiences and personal growth with other students to encourage them to take up responsibility.

Leadership is in tandem with Citizenship Studies at the school where every student is acquainted with the tenets of good citizenship and how they can acquire the right understandings and skill to become one. This curriculum encourages them to connect with themselves, community , nation and world to understand common challenges, engage meaningfully and contribute responsibly


Nasmita Yadav - School Captain XII A

Being chosen as the school captain of the school is an honour that comes with a plethora of opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities. I take this opportunity to express my earnest gratitude to all the teachers and students for believing in my potential and allowing me to serve my school.

I, along with the other student council members, shall ensure to take the responsibility of guiding our juniors and motivating them to strive towards excellence and would together enable the young minds to become the bright leaders of tomorrow.

I look forward to working hard with utmost dedication and being further groomed and trained by the teachers so that we can together make our school explore new horizons.

Neksha Rana School - Vice Captain XI E

School vice-captain is a student council position I have been honored with recently. I am at the new threshold of opportunities across various spectrums, and it makes me excited thinking of the new possibilities.

My new role will provide me a platform and an impetus to explore beyond the academic bubble and I look forward to the skill upgradation; be it Leadership, integrity, team building which also to a point seems inevitable.

Hierarchical approach is for the ordinary but, holding accountability with respect to the position awarded is necessary and I hope to put my best foot forward throughout my tenure and beyond as the school vice-captain.

Nistha Rana - Student School Prefect XII B

It is a privilege to be a part of student council. I ll be serving as the school student prefect for the session 2021- 22. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers, fellow batchmates and my juniors for giving me a chance to be a part of the Student Council. It is an amazing platform to gain experience and foster competencies and skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, and soft skills. This shall provide me with unique opportunities to grow as a person. I earnestly look forward to working with all my fellow members to the best of my ability -with dedication and courage and in doing so, hope to inspire others to aim higher and believe in themselves.

Yash Maikhuri - Cultural Captain XI E

It my honour to be elected as the cultural captain for the academic session 2021-2022. I would give my best to organize a great series of cultural events. It excites me to be a part of the council team and I am eagerly waiting to collaborate with my juniors as well as my seniors to put our school on the cultural map of Gurgaon.


Hello everyone! It is a dream come true and a proud privilege for me to be a part of the school's student council. Without the guidance of my teachers and the constant support of my batchmates, it would have been impossible. I shall try my best to be a participative captain and act like a friend and confidant to all the students leaving no stone unturned to prove worthy of the trust bestowed in me by my school. I shall remain dedicated towards my duties and respect my teachers, students, and my work!

KHUSHI SHARMA - School Sports Captain XII B

The strength of the group is the strength of a leader - Vince Lombardi A leader is a person who is capable, punctual, a good idol but most importantly is a good human being. I, Khushi Sharma, the new school sports captain aims to be a good leader and help the students in any way I can. Whether it be guiding them to a path of discipline or to listening to their worries, I ll do my best. Being a student myself, I might be able to understand them and make students feel comfortable so that they are able to talk to me openly and fearlessly about their issues. Being disciplined and punctual, with proper time management, I can complete all tasks in hand. In sports, psychology is as important as physiology, and it will be my endeavour to help the students train both physically and mentally while preparing for tournaments. I m a person who encourages people to speak up and voice their opinions which would strengthen their stand and increase their confidence. I will communicate with the teachers and work with them in making the school inclusive, in terms of sports and otherwise. I work well with my peers and will strive with the other student council members to making the school better. Looking forward to this new journey!