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We're not out of the woods with COVID-19 yet. Depending on where you live and how bad the outbreak is, traditional camps may not be an option this year. So, what is everyone going to do with their kids this whole summer? Virtual summer camp is a exciting proposition and might be just the thing to help your kids stay safe and have some fun.

Imagine, discover, and create as your children participate in some of the best workshops in this unique virtual summer camp by DPSG schools- a perfect way for kids from 6–17-years to sharpen 21st century skills, stay engaged & entertained, be socially and emotionally safe , bond and make new friends-all online from the safety of home. And who knows, maybe your child will find love and passion for something- that never would have been able to in person. It may not be the summer one had envisioned but you can still make the best of it.

Check out the amazing options for an at-home summer camp experience to rival an in-person one.

India's Best Workshop for Children Available at the Most Affordable Cost @1,000/- per registration *T&C applied

Happy Camping!!!

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Activities At a Glance

Choose any two activities one from activity 1 and one from Activity 2

Primary students (classes 1-5) may choose two OPTIONS from ACTIVITY 2.

Dance Extravaganza

Learn dance forms from around the world

Classes: 1-5 & 6-12


Folk dance & semi classical dance on Indo-western music 

Classes: 1-5 & 6-12

Music Mashup

Learn mash up of contemporary songs and Qawwali

Classes: 6-12


Story telling & Fun games based on expressions, body movements & characterization 

Classes: 3-5 & 6-12

Folk Art with a Twist

Learn to do a Worli with Madhubani & Madhubani with Gond

Classes: 3-5 & 6-12

Fine Art Fundamentals

Learn techniques of fine art. Colour Adventure with pigments and paints.

Classes: 6-12

Crazy Craft

Paper weight, Pebble art for garden, Play with Clay, Toy Making, Tealight design, Paper Crafts, Origami

Classes: 1-5 & 6-12

Design Me

3D POP UP Art, morphing, Text designing, cloning, logo, poster, web page, editing tools Adobe Photoshop & Spark.

Classes: 6-12

Creative Writing

For those who want to develop their writing skills.

Classes: 5-8

Think Design

Use design thinking process to find a solution/create a product to solve the problem or cater to the need.

Classes: 6-12

Lets Make Films

Make a 2 min film on your Mobile Phone. Ideating, scripting, storyboarding, shooting & editing.

Classes: 6-12


Explore the world of sound & make a Podcast

Classes: 6-12

Visualize to Learn

Children will learn visualising techniques to boost memory, concept understanding & make them creative.

Classes: 6-12


Improve mobilization of joints, increase the flexibility of spine muscles, energise the body and reduce the level of stress and anxiety.

Classes: 3-5 & 6-12


Do warming up exercises + cardio + arms & abs, jumping, workout, upper body blast & Lower body exercises.

Classes: 1-5 & 6-12


Exercise and learn different types of kicks & punches, open hand techniques & self defence.

Classes: 3-5 & 6-12

Life Skills

Exploring emotions through collaborative storytelling

Classes: 1-5 & 6-12

Art Appreciation

Exploring the most famous artworks and artists

Classes: 6-12

Music Appreciation

Explore the world of music and artists

Classes: 6-12

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