About Us

Sushant Lok is built on–a culture that fosters innovative thinking, application of technology in traditional systems of education, together with a commitment to revolutionize learning for a better tomorrow.
Sushant Lok is a school that would offer the most modern, world-class infrastructure while imparting age-old values to the coming generation. The aim of the school is to develop in students, qualities of self-confidence and capability, A sense of purpose and a belonging.

We strive for excellence in the chosen field. Students are given ample of opportunities to explore their creative abilities and the freedom to demonstrate their leadership potential. We take pride in the institution to which they belong and are made to be sensitive, gracious and self-disciplined. The school is a cohesive and thoughtful response to the critical need for an excellent and relevant education in a traditional innovative and creative framework.

DPSG recognizes that living, sharing, and growing will energize the students for their role as a leader in tomorrow’s society. We are committed to impart world class education to each student which shall foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health with social consciousness.

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