Board Examination in 2021

COVID 19 pandemic has put before the CBSE a big question-Should Board Examination be conducted for classes X & XII for the session 2021?  There have been mixed reactions to this question, wherein few educators are of the view that it should be conducted and few think otherwise.

Assessment is not about judging a child, it is all about checking the understanding, knowledge, application, critical and creative skills of a student which is enduring.  New pattern of question papers can lead to anxiety among the students.  The syllabus has already been reduced by the board and deleting a few more units and conducting the exam for 50 Marks could be one of the option serving both the purpose of the board to conduct the exam and of the students to attempt the exam without stress.

Fifty percent of the question paper should be based on Open Text Based Assessment, as was conducted during the CCE pattern is also an apt way of conducting the exam as the students will have refer to the text available and based on it they will have to give their exam which would require the basic comprehending skills.  Rest of the question paper should assess all the skills of the students.  This would eliminate the fear in the mind of the slow learners and parents that their ward will not be able to clear the board exam as well as motivate the meritorious students.

Completing doing away with the board examination will definitely not suffice as future is uncertain, challenges are not going to stop with this pandemic, we may come across some other challenges in the near future and scrapping of board examination will not set a positive example even with the implementation of NEP 2020 in the near future.

Preeti Sharma

TGT English

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