In a scenario, where the number of Covid-19 cases has been rising, suitable preventive and therapeutic measures to the pandemic are yet to be discovered. A second wave of the infectious disease would turn out to be a drastic nightmare. It seems like the most difficult and challenging year- 2020 seems to be repeating itself. While scientists across the world over are trying their best to develop a vaccine and an anti-viral for Covid-19, governments in order to arrest the rapid decline in the global economy have lifted the lockdown in phases. This has given rise to concerns about a possible second wave of coronavirus disease hitting hard across the world.. The more people break the rules of maintaining social distancing and restrictions introduced to curb the pandemic, the greater becomes the risk of such a second wave. Now, it seems to be rolling in.

In many countries, lockdown restrictions are not any longer being as strictly enforced. If people take the coronavirus lightly and revert to normal behavior patterns that prevailed before lockdown measures, will be put in a situation beyond control. Restaurants and shops have reopened in many countries. People’s desire to travel is additionally on the increase another time — one more reason for increased infection rates. Too many of us are congregating in too small spaces; parties are happening again. The risk of infection is rising, worldwide.

The future of offline school being seems very unlikely. Sending all children back to school – and freeing parents to go back to work – would worsen the situation even more. There appears a long way for everything to get normal and high time for people to accept the new normal.

By: Aparna


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