Covid and Education system

We have been through a lot since COVID-19 happened to us .COVID-19 forced us to bring major changes in our lives some were good like we changed our eating habits, changed the way we look at natural resources, changed our perspective about house maids, class IV type workers and many more (these are some of my inputs it can vary from person to person.)
Social distancing was must so now here comes human best part i.e Survival /simply work with what you have .modes. Initially, the educators and the students were quite confused and didn’t understand how to cope up with the situation of this sudden crisis that compelled closure of the educational activities. But latter on all realized that the lockdown has taught so many lessons to manage with the emergence of such pandemics. Thus, COVID-19 has created many challenges and opportunities for the educational institutes to strengthen their technological knowledge and infrastructure. The lockdown has given them a ray of hope for teachers and students to continue their educational activities through online. The teachers assigned work to students via internet, delivered lectures through live video conferencing using different Apps like Zoom, Google meet, Facebook, Youtube , and Skype etc. There are WhatsApp groups of guardians, teachers, students and parents   for affective communication and that worked wonderfully.

1.We moved towards blended learning
2.Rise in use of Learning Management Systems.
3.Enhance use of soft copy of material.
4.Rise in online meetings.
5.Enhanced digital literacy
6.Improved the use of electric media for sharing Info
7.World wide exposure
8.Better time management
9.Demand for open and distance learning

1.Education activity hampered (exams suspension/admission process/The lockdown compelled many educational institutions to cancel their classes,examinatons,internships etc and to choose online modes)
2.Impact on employment
3.Unprepared Teachers/Students for online education(sorry not all are good at it //not all were ready)
4.Reduced global employment opportunities
5.Increased responsibility of parents to educate their wards.
6.Access to digital world for students decreased their focus/
7.Physical problems ..Postural issues.
4.Payment of school fees got delayed
8.They were stuck at home /No physical activity,/No friends/Emotionall suppression

Well these are few of my inputs scope of improvement is always there




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