How DPSG closed the gap between educators and learners?

Pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of people and our student community is no exception to this. Staying inside of our homes without any outward movement and social interaction has been tough for humans who are habitual of socializing. Celebration or mourning, we have to do it with a restricted number of people around.

Social distancing has become a new buzzword which is going to stay with us longer than we expected. Due to unavailability of an immediate and permanent solution, the teacher community, after striving hard to maintain a steady learning curve for students, is now determined to take online teaching beyond academics and address the physical and mental health of the learners.

Sports, Visual arts and Performing arts provide calm to the chaos. They provide the ‘much needed break’ from the rigorous study routine. With co-scholastics, teachers are trying their best to make use of technology to engage students in the most effective ways possible. Students feel rejuvenated which in turn uplifts their mood & spirit.

Online summer camps were organized by various institutions to keep the tradition alive even during the pandemic. Despite all the challenges of the technology, co-scholastic faculties have come forward to ensure that the students don’t miss their favorite hobbies during these unprecedented times.

Online teaching has been nothing less than a revolution during the Covid 19 era and it aims to close the gap between educators and learners with the able guidance and support received from the school administration and the parent community.

Written By- Harshit Sharma(Teacher)

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