How DPSG Sushant Lok is keeping abreast with the educational trends

If you think about it, the education system is actually growing and improving at a fast pace. The methods your teachers use to help you teach new subjects are more or less obsolete, and new methods are taking their place. So, using the same old learning techniques won’t help in the overall growth of your child, especially when the market is turning out to be more competitive than ever.

So, reliable schools in sector 43 Gurgaon are looking to introduce some of the new educational trends, which will surely enhance the value and look of the education system. DPSG Sushant Lok is one such school that is always up to take up challenges and is also keeping abreast with the current educational trends.

Always make sure to get in touch with the teachers from DPSG Sushant Lok, who will help you to know more about the latest educational trends that are going on, and will also prove of using the same to teach your kids with the real-life worldly knowledge. DPSG Sushant Lok is always keeping abreast of educational trends. Want to know the areas they follow? If so, then read till the end of the article to learn more.

The art of blended learning:

Even a few years back, it was hard to comprehend that learning would take over the digital screen section and not quite restricted within the boundaries of schools. With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, there have been some unparalleled changes in our lives. 

As the entire nation went under lockdown, the team from DPSG Sushant Lok has unlocked the creativity level to teach and make learning a never-ending process. Maybe the virus affected your movements outside the home, but that didn’t stop this school from imparting knowledge to their fellow students.

With this invincible spirit, the team from DPSG Sushant Lok has introduced the art of online teaching. After keeping the entire holistic development of a child in mind, the teachers took complete charge and started navigating the uncertain challenges of online teaching with nothing short of bravery.

  • After some brainstorming sessions and good research, the DPSG Sushant Lok added the power of the Microsoft Team as a tool for introducing the art of blended learning in schools. 
  • It consists of continuous support from the management and rigorous training sessions for the teachers to help them become fluent and compatible with the teaching module completely.
  • The teachers from DPSG Sushant Lok are currently still using various tools like presentations, video lessons, virtual whiteboards, and other reference materials to make the online sessions effective and more interesting.
  • All these sessions will then be recorded and then made available to all the students for their future references.

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Using multiple tools for the art of blended learning:

For reviewing the progress and understanding level of the students, multiple tools like Crosswords, Kahoot, Padlets, Answer Garden, and more are used on a regular basis while associated with the online sessions. After every “Unit of Inquiry,” an online assessment will be conducted through Microsoft Forms.

  • For developing the skills and competencies of the 21st century among all the students, DPSG Sushant Lok has provided them with the chance to get associated with research works.
  • They are now motivated to explore and then find answers on their own to some essential queries. 
  • It helped the students to become highly accountable for their own learning sessions.

In the end, it is believed that blended learning will refer to the educational approach, which will combine face-to-face classrooms methods and traditional ones with that of the online education sector. It helps in facilitating a community full of inquiries and then keeping the students in the field of active learning as well.

Offering virtual career counselling:

Just because the physical schools have closed their doors, that did not stop DPSG Sushant Lok from presenting career counselling to the students to help shape up their careers. The teachers have just changed the mode of presenting counselling from offline to online sessions. So, this is another way in which the school thought about their students all the way through.

  • DPSG Sushant Lok has been working in collaboration with Mindler Education Private Limited to organize webinars on the stream combination for the students. 
  • Here, the students got the opportunity to get information and tips through the PowerPoint presentations related to the latest career growths in their chosen streams.
  • The students received information on career paths like flavour chemistry, product design, merchant navy, robotics, and so many more to shape up their future in the best possible manner.
  • Other than that, some careers that do not need specified streams were also shared with students, like hotel management, civil services, media, mass communication, and more.

All these points clearly prove how DPSG Sushant Lok has worked with the latest educational trends and has helped its students even during this crucial time.

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