It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.

It has been rightly pointed out that every time we human beings disregard the nature, an invisible force reminds us that we ought to respect Mother Nature for our sustenance on earth or else the consequences could be disastrous. COVID-19, caused by the recently found corona virus has brought the world to a standstill.

The virus which spreads through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose has affected millions of people worldwide. Nationwide lockdowns, self-isolation and quarantine, social distancing being the most effective has been practiced by all the nations of the world to keep the disease at bay. This remains the only preventive solution that is in our hands right now, but, this has changed the course and pace by which the world was entering 2020.

The competitiveness, the moving forward and getting ahead of others has taken the back seat. All the big companies, malls, theatres, markets and hubs have closed. To put it in simple words, the world has paused. Since this lockdown we have gotten the time to reflect on ourselves, improvise and learn new things.

The one big thing the lockdown has taught us is hygiene and health and the true meaning of “health is wealth”, it has given us the chance to realize that investing our energy on health is the most important investment of our life. It has taught us to love and be kind to everyone; to respect everyone and it has made us realize the importance of our working staff, our doctors, our teachers and our entertainers.

Lastly, it has made us think that how important internet is to us and how our lives revolve around it from online classes to working from home to Netflix being the prime source of entertainment.

The outbreak of corona virus
has brought the world not just
to a halt but also together. It
has affected all the countries
of the world and we are
performing our duties to
protect the world from

No one expected that everything in the world would stop, the busiest and the most crowded places would be empty, but, here we are staying at home reflecting at the past while hoping for a better, safer and healthier tomorrow

-Written By

Roopvati Ahluwalia

Class XII C

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  1. Poonam says:

    Very nice words given to everyones thoughts

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