How to Teach Math Facts to Your Students the Easy Way

How to Teach Math Facts to Your Students the Easy Way

How to Teach Math Facts to Your Students the Easy Way

Being a math teacher is no easy job. As a teacher, you must be aware how stressful it becomes when you have to teach the students a subject, majorly hated by the most. When a student is not fluent with the basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it becomes quite difficult to teach math algorithms. If students don’t have their basics rights, losing interest in the subject is a natural outcome.

Think of Math Facts

It is just a fact that your student will surely lose interest and hopes of ever having a loving relationship with the subject. Here is the moment, when we apply mind of a good teacher. Ever thought about teaching the subject with some fun math facts? If no, then just try a few and see how attentive they are next time in your class.

How to Teach Math Facts?

We have got you some handpicked principle methods of teaching math facts. Use them to teach your students that might be easy for them to keep up with the class. Read below to know more about them.

Math fact: One at a time

As a teacher, you already know that there is a big difference between figuring an answer and memorizing a fact. If you give too many facts to learn all at once then students will naturally fall behind in trying to find the answer to a math problem. Give one math fact one at a time, depending on their understanding.

Master the first fact

Add more facts to their kitty only when they have mastered the first math fact. The students will only learn and do better when they have only two or few of the things to learn in a vast ocean of material they have already learned and are proven masters in.

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Progressive practice

Keep the chapter practice session in the most structured way possible. Ask them to use the mastered math facts first to ascertain themselves that they know what they have recently learned. The more they will practice the better they will do to any of the tests and gradually their interest will also ignite fine.

Verbal Chains

It is always better if your students practice the problem by saying the whole problem and the answer aloud. In this way, students memorize the verbal chain. For example, if a junior student hears or sees the result of 12 times 3 as 36, they will remember it well.

Mastery equates to automaticity

This is one of the most effective math facts to teach to any student who fears the subject to the extremes of it. It means the moment a student sees a problem, they can say the answer just after reading it. Without any hesitation – this tells that they remember the math fact well, and they have mastered it.

Students should have an individual fluency

This means that each student must have the fluency to write the answer to the problem the moment they see it. We understand they have different writing speed. Keeping in mind the fluency of the answer in their mind should come out in their writing the answer of the math problem. They must know they have to write it as fast as it comes to their mind.

Daily corrective feedback

It is quite important to provide daily corrective feedback to your student if they ever get stuck or feel hesitant giving an answer thinking of it as wrong. Encourage them to give a prompt answer, if they are incorrect, go ahead and correct them on a positive note.

Monitor their progress

Try keeping practice session as short as 2-4 minutes daily during the class after every math fact. This way, they will be more active and engaged and would be wanting for more to learn. However, keeping a daily tab on their learning is equally important for you. In a way you will learn better about each individual’s speed of learning and if they require any additional help than what it is already been given to them.

Keeping all the above point, share your tips as a parent or a teacher on teaching math facts. It will be a great sharing experience for all of us.

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