Knowledge and culture are very dynamic, endlessly crashing, and churning. This makes the teaching-learning process significantly important and difficult work and can leave teaching—as a craft—wide-eyed in response.

E-Learning has become central to most academic programs. Without quality e-Learning to supplement the classroom–in a flipped, blended model, for example–the learning feels incomplete. It requires the teacher to plug it with the unplugged experiences.

Student achievement is more visible than the content. Teachers are leading everywhere. Apps have fallen in favour. Ten years ago, this is not the future many predicted. Equity and identity matter to students more than ever. Teachers these days learn, plan, publish, share as well as collaborate endlessly with other teachers, and then support their students to do the same with their peers. We see classes going on in the evening, morning, and students can approach their teachers at any time. This digitally connected world has brought all of us into the close niche.

Students and teachers are always connected. Digital games are useful for learning. They’re one of the best ways to review concepts, for example-think of Kahoot.  Imagine how odd this would’ve seemed 15 years ago from now. With coding catching the attention of the students, parents are now more interested to enroll their children in such technology-driven courses.

With the world changing at such a fast pace, the kind of career which will emerge in near future is beyond our prediction.

Written by : Ms. Seema(Parent)

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