Tips To Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

Listening is more than just simply being able to hear what is said. It will involve the power of taking information, the ability to respond to the given instructions, and also the power to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

All in all, listening comprehension is always the power to understand the right meaning of words heard and be able to relate to the same in some way or the other. When your kids get to listen to a story, listening comprehension will help them to understand and remember it and then talk about it. They can even retell the story in their own words.

Children with good listening skills will grow up to be good communicators. It is one significant skill to develop at a tender age and will need regular exercises to grow stronger. The teachers from a school in sector 43 Gurgaon will provide you with multiple tips, which help in improving your child’s listening skills all the way through. 

Rely on a team of experts from DPSG Sushant Lok and get the issues covered for good. Here the teachers have been associated with little kids for decades and know how to make them improve their listening skills.

Always being attention and interested:

Children have the power to tell if you are interested in them or not, just by the way you reply to them. So, make sure to put your phone and other kinds of distractions down, stop speaking, and then maintain eye contact with the little kids. It is your duty to show your child that you are present in his conversation and listening. If so, then your child will do the same when you are asking him to listen.

Prepare yourself for the listening from the very first:

Children will often take a longer time than adults to find the right work and might end up adding multiple unwanted details. Well, that’s in their nature, and they can’t do anything about it. So, being a parent, you need to hold your horses and listen to the kids as if you have all the time to hear their stories. It shows them the power of patience while listening, and they will imitate the same when it’s their time to listen.

Read or narrate them some stories:

One of the oldest and proven ways to get your child’s undivided attention is by reading him books. Stories will let your child focus and listen. Don’t restrict yourself to telling stories to your little kids only during bedtime. You can do that when you have free time in hand.

  • While narrating the stories, intersperse the stories with questions about the plot, place, and the characters.
  • Such questioning will always help to engage your little kids in listening to your words actively and not going through mere superficial listening.
  • You can even nudge him to ask you questions regarding the stories. Such steps help in fine-tuning your child’s critical listening skills as he gets more involved in the story you are telling him.

Having conversations will always help you out:

Whenever you are having a direct conversation with your kid, it will offer multiple scopes for listening. Some research materials have shown that listening starts from the womb only. Even the fetus is able to listen to the sounds around you.

  • So, it is highly recommended that parents need to talk and create a bond with their babies even before they are born.
  • Currently, you all live in a digital era, and it is hard to find any verbal interactions in this day and age. But, make sure to put those gadgets away and spend some quality time talking to your child.
  • For starters, ask them about their days in school and share some of your interesting snippets of the day with them about your work. It helps to create a perfect bond between children and parents.
  • Make sure to keep the focus on your child’s attention span. Remember that it is pretty limited. So, don’t go for those lengthy discussions or those boring lectures.
  • There is no need to have any monologue with your little kid. Instead, you better encourage dialogues. If not, then your child won’t be able to pay any attention, and his mind will wander off.

Fun activities are always in:

Cookery, board games, party games, and more will have instructions to them. So, when you engage our child in such activities, make sure that he listens to the instructions carefully and carries out the same eventually. These activities will actually come in handy while integrating the development of the listening skills just in real-life scenes. It will add that extra bit of fun element to it.

So, remember to check out these skill sets before moving further. It will help you to learn more about the ways to improve your little one’s listening skills. Get help from teachers working in DPSG Sushant Lok.

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