Unlock 5.0 – A Relief to Entertainment and Education Industry

India’s fifth round of unlocking regulations was set into motion on 1st October 2020, by the government of India, empowering the citizens to further proliferate their activities. Unlock 5.0 has brought a sigh of relief to the entertainment and education industry. But there is still a lot of confusion among the people about what is allowed and what is not.

The previous month MHA allowed metro rails to resume their services, conceded functions and gatherings of up to 100 people, allowed bars and pubs to reopen, and eliminated all interstate and intrastate movement restrictions. However, education institutions were urged to remain shut, cinemas and entertainment parks were told to put a lid on all the activities, and international travel too, except those permitted by the MHA, remained suspended. Public gatherings up to 100 people were allowed from last month. Now under Unlock 5, states have given their consent to all functions beyond the number of 100 people from October 15. Ensuring that such gatherings do not spread the virus, the states will issue SOPs mentioning the rules and regulations.

The government has also given a green signal to the cinemas, theatres, entertainment parks and swimming pools with stringent laws to be followed. For the reopening of schools, colleges and coaching institutions, states will determine the situation after 15th October in a calibrated manner and schools will have to follow SOPs. Schools coordinating online classes successfully will be allowed to continue equivalently. Nevertheless, students may only attend school with their parent’s consent and attendance should not be mandatory. Maintaining social distance by keeping a minimum 6 feet gap between each other, wearing masks at all times maintaining hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette and screening before entering the school are some of the protocols being directed to follow by the educational institutions.

India is among a group of 15 high-risk countries where relaxing lockdowns could lead to a rise in new infections, creating an acute situation leading to stringent laws being reintroduced.

Lockdowns are only allowed in the containment zones, extending till 31st October. But the State governments cannot impose any other lockdowns.


Ms. Shubhi Basantani(Teacher)

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