Academic Wing

Our Approach   

This curriculum design rests on two basic shifts from conventional academic processes. The Learning shall henceforth be Student-Led and Inquiry-Based.The teaching-learning time allocation to each of these groups and its sub-sets has been worked out keeping the end aim of achieving the learner profile at the conclusion of every year/grade.Skills & Competencies have come to occupy a center stage in the life of successful professionals. It is important that schools help learners in laying the foundation of such skills & competencies and build ways and methods to connect the conduct of curriculum with the fostering of skills & competencies. Arts education, covering a whole range of performing, visual and vocational arts would be an integral part of schools of future, and DPSG schools would lead the way.Health & fitness are a precondition for a rewarding and joyous life. Hence physical conditioning and sports would be an equally important part of the school curriculum.

Instead of the conventional transfer of information and knowledge, the new paradigm would put the students in a lead role in exploration, discovery, and constructing new meanings and applications of the knowledge. In this endeavor, they would be ably supported and guided by the teachers in building roadmaps and pathways together with a milestone as they journey along. Teachers will provide and advise on learning resources, benchmarking, assessments, reflections, assessment dialogues, and handholding to ensure that each one chooses his/her own destination and enjoys the journey as they move along.

SCHOOL ACADEMIC COUNCIL- A School Academic Council [SAC] have been constituted in every school, comprising of the following:

  1. Principal
  2. Headmistresses or wing in-charges [Senior Wing Coordinator- Ms. Sapna Walecha and Junior Wing Coordinator- Ms. Sherry Grover]
  3. Calendar in-charge
  4. Heads of Department of all subject
  5. Class representatives

 This curriculum design aims to build the learner profile as per the benchmarks defined by the DPSG School and foster Knowledge, Skills, Competencies and Attitudes, Disposition, Values, and Beliefs (ADVB) that will stand the learners in good stead as they enter life beyond school years. As the school prepares them for vocations, professions, or higher studies, they must also become responsible citizens and contribute to building a vibrant society.
Curricular Domains:
In order to traverse this journey of development and evolution of learners across all parameters, the school curriculum has been divided into the following six curricular areas in two domains and value-added programs: 

  1.  Scholastics Domain [SD]
  2. Foundational Domain [FD]
    i. ICT Skills
    ii. Arts Education
    a. Performing Arts
    b. Visual Arts
    c. Vocational Arts
    iii. Citizenship Studies
    iv. Clubs & Societies
    v. Physical Education & Sports [PES]
  3. Value Added Programs 

Competition Preparatory Programs [CPP]
i. Students from Grade 9 onwards may opt for competitive preparatory programs. These may happen within or outside the formal timetable of the schools and may come at a cost to be borne by the student/family.
ii. It could range from KVPY, NTSE, OLYMPIADS, IIT-JEE, NEET, CLAT, CA, GMAT, SAT, NDA or equivalent entries to Armed Forces or any other such program for all streams: science, humanities and business studies. In consonance with the [NEP] National Education Policy 2020. It shall also prepare students for the Common Entrance Examinations [CET] for entry to professional colleges.

Coordinator-Junior School 

Ms. Sherry Grover is a dedicated,resourceful educator and administrator who has lead her team of teachers with precision and expertise for past sixteen years at DPSG, Sushant Lok as a junior school coordinator and imparted high quality education to her students.She has strong interpersonal and organizational skills .With MBA in Education Management and Masters in Environment Education, Ms. Sherry has also won accolades in environment initiatives with TERI & HP.

Coordinator-Senior School

She is an MA. M Phil English, B.Ed and a STET qualified educator with 27 years of rich experience. Being an enthusiastic and a committed individual with a pleasing personality, she is  hardworking, passionate and creative with good communication and interpersonal skills. She has handled diverse administrative responsibilities as HOD, House In charge, Examination Head, Event In charge, Editor In Chief for School Year Book, Middle and Senior School Coordinator successfully. DPSGSL has provided an opportunity to her to serve in administration and teaching as well.In her teaching career, she has demonstrated the ability to work with students from varied racial, cultural and economic backgrounds, providing them with quality instruction, assessments, and assignments and creating a vibrant and conducive learning environment, through the use of differentiated teaching methods to accommodate the different learning styles of each student. She is assisting the School Principal in smooth functioning of the school on a day to day basis, organize workshops and counselling sessions, conduct visits and trips for students and staff, do liaising with the parent community and plan effectively for resources and growth of school.