DPSG SL aspires to be recognised internationally as one of the finest schools for talented young sports people. The school integrates sports and education to create the perfect training ground for champions of tomorrow. It fosters on a philosophy that believes “Healthy Mind" exists in a "Healthy Body. We allow students to balance their academic and sporting goals in an athlete friendly environment which provide support and flexible study options.

Students, here, are provided with state of art facilities , high performance coaching, “best practice “ training programs and structured support system including sport medicine, sport science and sport psychology. The school offers Chess, Skating, carrom, Badminton, basketball, volleyball and Taekwondo.


Introduced with an aim to improve the learning, thinking, analytical power, planning and decision-making ability of the child. Chess makes the child learn how to strategize aspects of the game to be implemented in life. School has a special chess room with a number of chess boards where students visit during sports hours to enjoy and play chess. The coaching is provided by school sports faculties.A chess competition was held at DPSG SL for both boys and girls for U-11, U-13 and U-15 categories in which Yash Gupta (VII) won Silver medal.


It is played by the students as it helps in exercising, burn off extra energy, build strong muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. The school has a skating track and kits for students to practice and hone their skills. The coaching is provided by the school sports faculties during the morning sports hour.

Harshit Sherawat of class 6th won gold medal in ISC WORLD GAMES held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sudhiksha of class IV and Jay Basumatary of Class VII won Gold Medal, Bhargavi and Nishit Yadav won Silver and Harsjit Sehrawata and Sudhanshu grabbed bronze medals in inter-school competition held in Mount Olympus school, Gurugram.


The benefit of badminton as a game is that it improves blood circulation to a greater extent and keep students active all day. The school has a well-lit and airy indoor Badminton court where future champions practice under the guidance and supervision of dedicated and professional coaches.

Lucky Yadav and lucky Badalia played U19 and U17 District level championship and won Gold medal.

Manav Mishra (VIII), Parth Jain (VIII), Harsh Bhalla (V), Lucky Badaliya (XI), Lucky Yadav (XI) and Abhishek Bhatti (XI) participated in 5th Manav Rachna interschool sports championship held in Faridabad and played till semifinal.


This sport holds immense value for students as it teaches teamwork and communication and is a sport with great social activity. In addition, volleyball improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance. School has a dedicated volley ball court where students practice and learn team spirit. The coaching and guidance is given by the school sports teachers.

Tushar Seharwat (XI), Rohit Yadav (XI), Prateek Sharma (XI) and Shadab (XI) participated in Sports carnival organized by 1st Uttar Pradesh games and won silver medal.


Self defence is an integral part of all round development of a child. With the aim of its students to be self capable of one’s safety and security, Taekwondo is practiced in school under the guidance of a professional coach during the Sports hour. Physical Strength, keen observation and quick response are the skills highly developed among students by taekwondo.


Helps improve logical power in the children. The students play it for fun at the same time, they practice skills like counting, reading, visual perception and eye- hand coordination etc. The school has a well- equipped carrom room with sports faculties teaching the strategies and techniques of the game to the students in the sports periods.


The students practice this game during their games periods under the guidance of in school faculties. During the growing years of a student, this game is very beneficial for the growth and development of bones. It also teaches the balancing and striking skills to the students. The school has a well-equipped spacious basket-ball court for the uninterrupted basket-ball sessions.


Each sport demands good stamina. It can be improved by practicing simple exercises like running, jogging, jumping etc. on a regular basis. The sports faculty adopts numerous strategies during her sports periods to enhance the stamina of students.

Hardik Bhardwaj (VIII) and Harshit Sehrawat won Gold and Silver medals respectively in 1st and 2nd Uttar Pradesh Games Athletics

Yash Bhati (VIII) received a trophy and cash prize for standing third in the Euro Mini Marathon of 5Kms.

PEC Activities:

PEC Cards are a focused and structured approach for delivering Physical Education in primary classes. Each Physical Education Card is devoted to a particular set up activities which target at agility, balance and coordination for classes I-III and agility, balance, coordination speed and strength for classes IV and V. The concept of PEC aims to build a healthy & fit generation by initiating a trend of joyful learning. Students of classes I-V prefer playing outside during the Maths period. If students are to be taught the concept of distance, length and breadth, they may do activities like running and measuring the distance or moving in and out of cones. They have developed a great liking to it. In the process, the kids learn tenses and enhance their vocabulary too. For this programme, physical education and other subject teachers have been specially trained to execute and create games in tandem with the primary school curriculum.