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About Us

DPSG Sushant Lok challenges children of adventurous intellect and diverse background to think critically and creatively, and to act with courage and integrity. Located in one of the plushest neighbourhoods of Gurugram, the school fosters a love for learning, excellence in the liberal arts and active pursuit of sports.

Being a DPSG Sushant Lok student means being an essential and celebrated member of a learning community. The school facilities include air-conditioned classrooms, modern labs, 3D audio-visual lab, amphitheatre, auditorium, and a trendy Sports Centre of Excellence.

Activities are an integral part of the educational experience in DPSG Sushant Lok, providing opportunities for students to explore new areas and develop their talent. The school has a dynamic Student Council Leadership Programme. Students explore the cultural vitality of their city through an active engagement with museums, galleries, artist studios, community-based organizations, and libraries. The after-school hours Sports Centre of Excellence offers badminton, futsal, basketball, cricket, skating and table tennis.