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Blended Learning

Who would have thought that teaching – learning will take over the screen rather than the boundaries of the schools? The outbreak of Corona pandemic has made some unparalleled changes in our lives. As the nation went into lockdown, we at DPSG, SUSHANT LOK unlocked our creativity to teach and learn like never before. With the invincible spirit, we initiated the online teaching in the month of March. Keeping the holistic development of our students in mind, our teachers took the charge and started navigating the uncertain challenges of online teaching with bravery.

After a good research and brainstorming sessions, DPSG society decided to use “MICROSOFT TEAM” as a tool for blended learning in our schools. The rigorous training sessions and continuous support from the management, all the teachers become fluent and compatible with it. Teachers at DPSG, are using various tools like virtual whiteboard, video lessons, presentations, Sways and other reference material to make their sessions interesting and effective. Sessions are also being recorded and made available to the students for their future reference.

To review the understanding and progress of the students, various tools lie Kahoot, Padlets, crosswords, Answer garden etc. are being used regularly during the online sessions. After every “Unit of Inquiry” an online assessment is conducted through Microsoft Forms. To develop 21st century skills and competencies among our learners, we provide them opportunity to get involved in research work. They are motivated to explore and find answers to some essential questions. It allows Students to become accountable for their own learning.

In conclusion, we believe that Blended Learning refers to the approach of education that combines traditional face – to – face classroom methods with online educational materials. It facilitates a community of inquiry and keep students engaged in the active learning.

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