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Career Counselling University Placements

DPSG schools go beyond to ensure student placements.

The number of Indian students opting for higher education overseas is seeing an upward trend as the world is bouncing back to normalcy. As per reports by a renowned consulting firm, Indian students are estimated to spend $80 billion annually by 2024 on international education (up from the current spends of $28 billion). However, the journey of students looking for placements in top Global and Indian Universities remains fragmented. Lack of mentorship and extremely high consulting costs have been a deterrent in actualising the higher education dreams of young India.

Realising this gap and as a first of its kind endeavour by a school, Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society (DPSGS) has put into place a dedicated Career Counselling & University Placements (CCUP) cell that has been handholding and working with each child providing one-on-one mentorship across the entire spectrum of university placements.

In conversation with Anshul Pathak, Vice Chairman of the Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society that runs seven schools (Faridabad, Gurugram, Ghaziabad & Dehradun).

Q) It is very rare that one finds schools working dedicatedly towards the higher education placements of their students. What led to the genesis of CCUP at DPSG?

Around 1.5 crore students graduate from Class XII each year in India, which means that as many students are looking for admissions in respectable International and National Universities. However, most schools in the country only focus on the class XII results and do not provide the much necessary career guidance to students.

Having faced the challenge of going through multiple channels while looking for admission for my elder daughter, I realised the trauma students and parents undergo in the process of selecting the best higher education college. This realisation led to the genesis of the Career Counselling & University Placements Cell (CCUP) at DPSG. We didn’t want DPSG students and parents struggling for the right information, and in the course spend thousands on consultation fee.

I very strongly believe that schools are meant to give end to end support. The school is a child’s home for 14 years and therefore schools can evaluate a child’s personality, abilities, interests and are probably in the most suited position to help identify the right fit higher education university or college. Giving the right direction to children is the school’s responsibility.

Q) What challenges does a student face while applying or even selecting a University/College?

Students these days are overburdened by choices. There is so much information available everywhere and colleges/universities are going all out to market themselves. So, analysing what is authentic and what is not is the major challenge today.

Q) To what extent the students can expect the deliverables from CCUP department?

We start at the foundation years, generating awareness and giving adequate exposure to students, so that the career choices are not determined by a 1-hour counselling session, but are a result of consistent efforts. Once the career choices are confirmed; complete guidance on honing skills and building a strong profile is the focus in the middle & senior grades. One-on-one guidance on university placements and scholarships is provided to each student at DPSG, which is one of the major mandates for our CCUP team.

Q) What percentage of students from your schools are going abroad for their higher education?

We’ve all seen an upward trend for abroad education. Our schools are no exception.

Q) Finding the best university for each student is a time-intensive task. How do you ensure the best Indian/ Global University fitment for your students?

Yes, it is a time intensive & time sensitive task, and it is not a one man’s job. That is why we have set up the CCUP department, put in the best resources to ensure that the students reach their right fit universities.

Q) Which countries do you think are students most inclined towards? How has CCUP aligned with these countries?

We have observed that a student’s inclination is mostly based on factors like the availability of a relative in a particular country, or advice from a family member. The truth is one shoe doesn’t fit all. So, our advice to the students is subjective to their career choices, their long-term goals, and financial commitments. CCUP has been working intensively to leverage the best out of each country.

Q) How do you plan to build a relationship with the top Universities/Colleges all over the world?

The relationship already exists. Our students have already been going to the top universities. However, those were mostly individual efforts of the student and parents. Now with CCUP, we are channelizing individual efforts in the right direction.

Q) What will be a systematic approach to get a unique value proposition from the targeted Universities?

Our proposition is simple, we want the best for our students. Whether it is scholarships, mentorship or admissions, everything must be student centric.

For more information please write to info.ccup@dpsgs.org