Celebrating events and festivals in schools have become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in a child. DPSG, SL incorporates in the students the cream of Indian culture and tradition keeping the door wide open for even the best of western influx pour in. As we celebrate, we allow the stresses of life to fall behind and we spend our time doing things we love with the people we love. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s different customs. Besides this in our activities at school we also invite the parents time to time to participate in different co-curricular activities like on Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day etc. The Annual function is a feature wherein mass participation is encouraged. The motive is to provide each child an opportunity to showcase his or her talent on stage. Involving schoolchildren in environment friendly activities will help them grow into aware citizens of the planet who can also make a difference to their communities. DPSG, SL takes high pleasure to work for the environment by organizing events like Rahgiri, Cleanliness Drives, Jute Bags Distribution, Go Green Campaigns that prove a great success to the society as well as build environment-savvy attitude in our students. Keeping its values intact, DPSG, SL wishes to offer the right kind of educational system which is based on moral ethics. The school also believes that education will allow the child to bloom, blossom and thrives, giving them the right platform where they will work towards becoming a responsible citizen.

Session 2021-22

75th Independence Day Celebration

It was a pleasant and colourful morning at DPSG Sushant Lok on 15th August 2021 wherein we celebrated the 75th Independence Day with great pomp and gaiety. The program commenced with the hoisting of flag by our honourable chief guest Shri Dinesh Singh Raghav, Zilla Mantri, Gurugram and our distinguished Principal Ms. Meenu Chopra followed by the National Anthem.

The campus was decorated in saffron, white and green colours and in this aura of patriotism the newly elected Student Council members were felicitated with badges and scarves. The inspiring speech by our chief guest reminded the audience of the sacrifices and struggles our freedom fighters had put in to make India a free nation. He urged everyone to spread patriotism by being dedicated towards the nation through the acts of kindness in these challenging times of pandemic.

School Principal Ms. Meenu Chopra, in her address to the gathering thanked the chief guest, parents, alumni’s and students for their presence and reminded the students to follow the path of honesty and hard work to take the legacy of our nation forward as they are the future leaders in times to come. School alumni Pradit Kulshresta shared his experiences at the school and motivated the students not to fear failures.

The program concluded on a sweet note by distributing sweets to everyone present.

International Yoga Day

DPSG Sushant Lok celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June along with the entire world. An Immunity Booster Webinar for the well-being of our students, parents, teachers and all the stakeholders was organised virtually in association with Sadhguru Foundation. The resource person for the webinar was Honourable Shri Sadhguruji and the host was Mr. Rahul Shrivastav, a dentist by profession. Sashtanga Asana, Makarasana and Simha Kriya were demonstrated during the session to improve the oxygen level and keep the respiratory organs function well. Shri Sadhguruji emphasized on the importance of adopting yoga as a regular practice in everyone’s life to remain healthy and develop concentration. The event was really enriching as it helped everyone present feel content and confident mentally, physically and spiritually.

School Principal Ms. Meenu Chopra expressed her gratitude to Sadhguru Foundation for enlightening the DPSGSL family on the relevance of Yoga in the present scenario.


“You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. Get on your way.”

-Dr. Seuss

A school is a small family for the students, who leave their family being their only comfort zone. The journey of calling by their nicknames to identifying them as an entirely different name starts at school. Their crying, their sobbing, their feeling of being around new faces, all begin here in the school. They also get to meet new friends and teachers.

The environment for them changes, but they also grow as an individual in this process. The first day of the session brings new hope both for students and teachers. To make the first day of their new academic year interesting and interactive, DPSG Sushant Lok's primary wing planned their ice-breaking activities for their students. It had various student-friendly and interactive activities for tiny tots like sharing a picture, freeze games, Simon says, Jump in and out. The kids introduced and talked about themselves, their peers, and their interests. The classes also had activities like tongue twisters, riddles on shapes, selfie projects and games like bingo. They also made a responsibility chart and time capsule. Whereas interactive games like Marooned and Figure me out were also played.

The best part about all the activities was that they were all done on the Virtual Platform. Thus, the use of various online tools was also evident.



"In a global economy, where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity, it is a prerequisite."

With the advent of the new session DPSG, SL welcomed its students in a unique way. All the teachers planned certain Ice Breaking activities for the onset of the upcoming academic year. Students were quite excited and they enthusiastically participated in the class and performed various tasks as instructed by their teachers. Varied activities like Word Search, Testing Observation Skills through pictures, Gratitude Wall, Crossword Puzzles, Lie Detectors and Padlets were used by the teachers to enhance the skills of the students for the new session.


Orientation signifies beginning of a new venture, new hope and new aspirations. The Senior Wing of DPSG Sushant Lok conducted their Orientation session ‘Principal Speak’ on 27th April, 2021 for the parents of classes IX, X, XI and XII.

The august gathering was welcomed by our respected Principal Madam Ms. Anshu Mital who apprised the parents with the vision and mission of the school, Learners Profile, Blended Learning and most importantly the integration of the Value-Added Program ZINEDU with the school curriculum.

The parents were familiarized with the founder member of ZINEDU Mr. Prashant and Mr.Vageesh who shared their action plan with all the stakeholders to enhance the teaching learning process at DPSG Sushant Lok to benefit the learners at their best. The parents appreciated the display of the pedagogical practices, strategies and efforts of the School Principal and the management for striving to provide their wards with the best of resources available in the educational arena. The session was very interactive, fruitful and thought provoking.

Session 2020-21

Basant Panchami Celebration

नई उमंग लेकर नदियां भी बहती जाए,

चारों ओर हरियाली ही हरियाली छाए।
शीत ऋतु भी छूमंतर हो जाए,
जब बसंत अपने रंग-बिरंगे रंग दिखाएं।।

On the occasion of Basant Panchami, a special virtual assembly was conducted on Tuesday, 15th February 2021 on MS teams. An important part of the festival is Saraswati Puja; hence the assembly commenced with an invocation to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom by a rendition of the Saraswati Vandana and the hymn ‘Jai Maa Jai Jai Maa’. Beautifully sung, it lent a feeling of peace and harmony around. It was followed by our talented tiny tots showcasing some extremely beautiful artwork on Basant Panchmi. An informative student talk by Shreya Joshi of grade-7 was given to highlight the significance of the occasion. She spoke about why the worship of the Goddess of Learning coincides with the advent of spring and why we, traditionally wear yellow on that day. The assembly proceeded with girls of grade- VII and VIII presenting a beautiful dance offering homage during Saraswati Puja. At the end, School Principal, Ms Anshu Mital addressed the gathering with her words of wisdom. All the children enjoyed the assembly, enlightened by the blessings of Maa Saraswati.

Republic Day Celebration

"The sanctity of law can be maintained only so as long as its expression of the will of people”.

-Bhagat Singh

This year India would celebrate its 72nd Republic Day on Tuesday,26th January, Constitution of India was adopted in 1950 after attaining Independence on 15th August 1947. This day reminds us of the freedom struggle and how the great freedom fighters led their life to get the Purn Swaraj. Its because of their struggle that we are living in a democratic country where each citizen has equal rights.Today is the day to reassert our devotedness to unity in diversity, fraternity, and equality among all our citizens. It also reminds the sacred values enshrined within the Constitution of India; it's each day of national pride. The display of the grand military on the Republic day parade reminds us that the safety of our territorial sovereignty is that the outcome of the many sacrifices.The students of DPSG Sushant Lok displayed the same vigor in the Republic day Virtual Assembly held on 25th January 2021 on the MS Teams. The students have led the confidence of teachers by comparing the assembly with their own creativity. The love for the country was much beyond words.The students displayed themselves as various eminent leaders like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Pranav Mukherjee, Pratibha Patil, etc in the Fancy Dress Show. The assembly comprised of the tricolour foods, prepared by our young chefs to mark the love for their country.There was a melodious song by Sanisha from Grade IX. And the assembly was decorated with Hindi Poem Recitation by the students, mentored by Ms. Swati Pandit, Hindi Faculty. A beautiful dance compilation by the primary students made the environment poignant and patriotic, adding more colours to the show. The dance was choreographed by Ms. Shweta Gangani, the Dance faculty.In this age of Pandemic, the students prepared a speech to thank the unsung heroes of our country. These heroes are called by the names of doctors, nurses, military, sanitation workers, police, and teachers. They paid homage to those Frontline workers who have protected our country despite all the adversities. The assembly was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by our honorable Principal Ms. Anshu Mital. Thus in the true sense, it was a pleasure to experience patriotism though the medium was different yet colourful.

“Constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document, it is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age”.

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

Christmas Assembly

Christmas celebration is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. The festival reminds us that there has to be at least one day of the year to recap us that we are here for something else besides ourselves.

To celebrate this season of joy, our students from the Primary Wing participated in various activities with full enthusiasm and gaiety. Our little kids from playgroup, grade 1 and grade 2 participated in “Santa Mask Making”, “Reindeer Craft”, and “Santa Cap Paper Craft” making activity. Any Christmas celebration is incomplete without the presence of a Christmas tree and a snow man as it waves a magic wand over this world. To commemorate this thought students from Grade 3, 4 and 5 participated in paper folding snowman, Christmas tree paper cutting craft and greetings card making activities respectively.

Diwali Week Celebration


“The significance of Deepawali, Is the removal of darkness and ignorance from the mind.

And fitting it with goodness…!!”

Diwali is one of India’s biggest and main festival. The word Diwali means ‘row of lighted lamps.” In this festival, people lighten their house with diyas and lights as it is considered that light brings happiness. They also worship Goddess Lakshmi for good health and prosperity. It is said that Diwali is the brightest and joyful festival in the world. The DPSG Sushant Lok celebrated Diwali in the form of a Virtual Assembly. It was an astounding experience to have the senior and primary classes together in the Assembly. There were a series of events from Diya Lighting to Dance. The theme of the festival was a touch of “eco-friendly” activities. The students spread the message of “joy of giving” as it remains the main essence of any festival. The videos of the students spreading happiness with their community were captured. They also performed a series of eco friendly activities in the class. They prepared diyas, lanterns, torans, and rangolis (which marked the significance of respecting nature & happiness). The assembly also had a mellifluous song sung by Mr. Harshit and the students enthusiastically made a chorus of the same. The assembly had a special significance because the date coincides with Children’s Day. The Hindi Faculty Ms. Swati dedicated a beautiful poem on Children’s Day, which was indeed a motivation for the students. The assembly also had a special message from our beloved Principal Ma’am, Ms. Anshu Mittal for Covid workers and students.

The special assembly carried a special aura for all of us. In the times of pandemic, pollution, and changing weather it was like a soft touch of gratitude from the DPSG family.

दीपावली के पावन अवसर पर डी.पी.एस.जी.के छात्रों द्वारा रामायण विषय पर काव्य सम्मेलन का आयोजन किया गया ꫰ रामायण के कुछ विशेष चरित्रों जैसे राजकुमार लक्ष्मण जी की पत्नी उर्मिला, राजकुमार भरत तथा उनकी माता कैकेयी , बजरंग बली हनुमान जी आदि अनेक चरित्रों पर ओजस्वी काव्य -प्रस्तुति दी गई ꫰ आइए सुनते हैं रानी कैकेयी के पश्चाताप से भरे स्वर --

'दिपावली पर्व' गतिविधि के अंतर्गत कक्षा आठवीं के छात्रों ने संस्कृत भाषा में ग्रीटिंग कार्ड बनाए।

Diwali is the most celebrated of all Indian festivals. It is more about the spirit of giving than receiving. Tons of families would like to celebrate Diwali the way we celebrate in our homes. Class 8 students made a video expressing their views on how we can make this celebration a memorable one for the destitute as well.

"The most-loved festival, Diwali is here! From lights, delicious sweets and gifts, the festival is all about spreading cheer and happiness. To celebrate the spirit of Diwali the Young artists of DPSG SL created beautiful and vibrant Rangolis and Wished everyone a very Happy Diwali!"

"With gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life. Let's not forget our Nature this Diwali. Celebrate an Eco- friendly Diwali. SAY NO TO CRACKERS and Yes to Happiness!"

Dussehra Celebration

“Good always triumphs over evil.”

To mark the victory of good over evil, a special assembly on Dussehra was celebrated at DPSG SL with a lot of religious zeal and fervor. The program began with a video on Lord Ram followed by praising Goddess Durga. Dussehra and Vijayadashami are celebrated at the end of Navratri every year that signifies the triumph of good over evil.