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Rupali Chaturvedi

PGT Biology

As a dedicated and experienced educator with 12 years of teaching experience, my journey as a Science Facilitator has allowed me to instil a passion for science and foster critical thinking among my students. I believe in making complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging, creating an environment where curiosity thrives.



PGT Physics

A dedicated and passionate science teacher. My classroom is not just a room with desks and chairs; it's a space where curiosity blooms and young minds embark on journeys of discovery. In my classroom, we celebrate questions as much as answers, and we embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth.


Kavita Dhingra

TGT Mathematics

I am passionate about shaping young minds. With 23 years of experience in education, I strive to inspire and empower my students to reach their full potential. My classroom is a place of learning, creativity, and growth, where I foster a love for knowledge and critical thinking.


Preeti Sharma

PGT English

My journey of being an educator has been enriching and heartwarming for me. I relive my childhood everyday among my students and relish the moments of the teaching learning process.


Mohini Thukran

PGT Psychology

I am a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse background in the fields of psychology and career coaching. Certified by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a psychologist and internationally recognized as a Career Coach by both Launch my Career and Mindler, I bring an unparalleled depth of expertise to the table.