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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What DPSG stands for? Is it the same as other DPS? What curriculum you use? Is school affiliated to board? 

Ans. DPSG stands for Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society. DPSG is a co-educational English medium school and it is a trusted brand, established in 1980. Similarity in between DPSG and DPS is that both are CBSE school. Difference is that DPSG have 11 branches, and all branches run under the same management. We don’t have the franchises as other DPS have. Yes, school is affiliated to CBSE board. 

Q.2.  How skilled are the teachers? Are they well qualified and experienced?  

Ans. DPSG hires professionally qualified, well experienced and passionate teachers. And we are providing them training and workshop etc. to improve or to learn new teaching skills. 

Q 3. What is the student teacher ratio? 

Ans. In Pre-primary section we have 1:15, in Primary we have 1:20 and in secondary we have 1: 30 

Q 4. Do you prepare the children for any Competitive Exams and other external competitions as some other schools are offering?  

Ans. DPSG is a CBSE curriculum school and following blended learning. We prepared the students for all external competition by following CBSE curriculum. Children appear for all National Olympiads and other scholastic exams. 

Q 5.  What are the teaching and learning methodologies adopted by the school ,for example smart way of learning or project based etc? 

Ans. There is no one style that is adopted by teachers in classrooms. Teachers are capable of using multiple styles of teaching as per the learning styles of students. Like smart way of learning like Audio Visual class, 3D lab, Computer and project based etc. 

Q.6  What extracurricular activities do you offer? 

Ans. We have chess, carrom, badminton, table-tennis, volleyball, basket ball, taekwondo, skating, yoga, dance, music and theater. 

Q 7. What is your approach to dealing with discipline? Are teachers able to maintain discipline in the classes. 

Ans. Each and every staff try to make a healthy environment in the school. We are organized and follow school guidelines clearly. We train the students to work and do their activity in structured environment. Students are engaged in activities. Principal ma’am or the coordinators have regular class meetings, as teacher student ratio is less all teachers monitor students very closely. We stay in contact with parents. 

Q. 8 what are the safety and security policies of the school for students?  Is public access limited? Is female attendant available, GPS in buses. 

Ans.  School is covered under CCTV. Yes, public access is limited, visitors are allowed only at the reception area. We don’t allow parents or visitors to go directly on the floors. Sensitive and trained faculty, administrative and support staff helps ensure safety of each child. Yes, we have female attendant in all bus routes. Healthcare facilities are available in the School Medical Room which functions under the guidance of a full-time nurse. The medical room is fully equipped to give first aid in case of any emergency. The school takes note of any specific medical requirement raised by the parents and responds accordingly. 

Q. 9. What kinds of facilities and resources do you have? Is there a library, Computer Lab, Science Lab, sports field, playground, music room, art studio, and the like? 

Ans. We have well stocked library for junior and senior students, well equipped labs for Maths, Science and computer, , art room, Theater room, music and dance room. We have playground for juniors and sports like volleyball, badminton, table tennis, yoga, skating, taekwondo etc. 

Q.10. Is there any waiver on school fee? 

Ans. Tution fee waiver is given as scholarship in Grade XI as per the criteria.