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Leadership Camp

Session 2022-23


14 JUNE – 22 JUN 2022

DPSG Sushant Lok participated in the first ever ‘Student Council Leadership Program’ (SCLP) organized to sharpen the leadership skills of Student Council members through collaborative activities on communication, team building and conflict resolution at SelaQui International School, Dehradun. The program was conducted in two batches spanning over nine days from 14th June to 22nd June.

In the early hours of 14th June 2022, batch 1 participants left Gurgaon to join the first contingent waiting at DPSG Meerut road before heading towards Dehradun. The first contingent consisted of batch 1 participants from DPSG Sushant Lok, DPSG Faridabad, DPSG Palam Vihar, DPSG International, DPSG Vasundhara and DPSG Meerut road. It reached SelaQui International School (SIS), Dehradun at 14:30 hours.

From Batch 1, Prapti Singh, Yuvraj Wadhawan, Nitin Barman, Rahul Verma and Sufiya Khatun participated in the program. Mr. Gaurav Bhatia, Proctor and Ms. Sherry Grover, Head, Foundational Domain, attended the leadership program along with student leaders.

In the evening, student leaders along with co-facilitators attended the inaugural function, wherein participants were introduced to Mr. Rashid Sharfuddin, Headmaster SelaQui and Mr. Ashford Lyonette, Senior Master. AVM LN Sharma, Director Academics gave his welcome remarks on the occasion of opening ceremony. Mr. Phillip Barrett and Ms. Mansi Panjwani, the main facilitators of leadership program, provided an overview of activities over a three day period starting from June 15, 2022.

On day 1, ‘Building a Bridge’ and ‘Chess Board’ activities were conducted by the facilitators. These activities highlighted the importance of communication for students to emerge as effective leaders. On day 2, ‘Pipes and Marbles’ and ‘Lily Pads’ activities were conducted by facilitators. These activities focused on the significance of team work in achieving results. On day 3, ‘Tossing the Egg’ activity was conducted by Mr. Phillip Barrett while a ‘Conflict Management’ activity was facilitated by Ms. Mansi Prajwani.

The prestigious program helped student leaders to learn leadership skills such as teamwork, delegation, active listening, communication and conflict resolution through a well designed outdoor and indoor activities. SCLP also included activities related to Yoga, Zumba and Sports during early morning hours before breakfast. These field activities were led by physical education teachers of different DPSG schools.

On 17th Jun 2022, the leadership program was concluding for batch 1 students however, it was beginning for second contingent of batch 2 students who arrived at the SIS campus at 14:30 hours. From Batch 2, Krish Arora, Yukti Sharma, Sanisha, Aaryamann and Baidehi Sharma participated in the program. Mr. Pradeep Poonia, PE Sports and Ms. Sapna Walecha, Head, Scholastics, attended the leadership program along with student leaders.

The program was culminated by valedictory function followed by Chairman’s dinner in the night. The cultural function encompassed Music, Dance and Skit performances by student leaders in the presence of esteemed dignitaries of DPSG society. Prapti Singh, School Captain and Yuvraj Wadhawan, School Vice Captain, gave a feedback speech during the function.

Mr. Om Pathak, Chairman DPSG society, congratulated students and encouraged them to embrace the newly acquired wisdom from leadership program and apply the same in the upcoming session. Mr. Rohit Pathak, Director HR, congratulated all the stakeholders for the completion of leadership program. Mr. Rashid Sharfuddin, Headmaster, SelaQui, thanked the concerned officials for the successfully organizing and hosting the program.

On 18th June 2022, both contingents comprising of more than 100 students, co-facilitators and School heads attended the outdoor camp organized at Maldevta village in Dehradun. Adverse weather conditions did not deter students from participating in the outdoor camp rather they enthusiastically participated in the assigned tasks.

Students trekked nearly three kms in the midst of a valley to reach the camp site, which was located across the river. On reaching the site, students were provided training for setting up tents and opening & closing of sleeping bags. Students participated in various physical and recreational activities till night.

Ms. Meenu Chopra, Principal DPSG Sushant Lok, and other DPSG school principals spent the entire night at the camp site to encourage students to brace the adverse weather conditions. Their committed presence was reassuring for students and co-facilitators. Ms. Sapna Walecha, Head Scholastics and Ms. Sherry Grover, Head Foundational domain, actively partnered with HMs to facilitate smooth functioning of the camp.

On 19th June 2022, the first contingent left the camp site to head back towards DPSG Meerut road, Ghaziabad whereas the second contingent headed back to SIS campus for the leadership camp.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To instill confidence and leadership qualities in our learners and to offer a practical approach to their learning, Leadership Camps are organised every year for the students at Primary, Middle, Senior and Senior Secondary levels.

In the modern society, everyone aspires to be a leader, be it in school, office or in politics and these leadership skills can best be developed through leadership camps. Leadership camps organised by schools are a great opportunity as it develops the mental core of the students and they develop personal morale, appearance, confidence and learn the skills to deal with real-life situations.Leadership camps hone the specific skills in the students by providing them challenges to complete a task. It allows purposeful social interaction among the students as they spend time with their friends and learn the skills of social values and norms which is disappearing in the present scenario as everyone is busy in their own ways.

We, at DPSG Sushant Lok organised leadership camps for our students. Our students visited the Jim Corbett National Park, Surajgarh Farms and Sariska National Park. A remarkable change was noticed in our students there on. The confidence level of the students was exemplary and they actively lead various programs and events held in the school. The imparting of character education became easy because they collaborated in various activities both inside and outside the classroom responsibly and displayed confidence in decision making and conflict resolution skills. Students who earlier lacked confidence, poise, communication skills now drew the attention of their peers and teachers as the thirst of reaching and attaining the goals became vital and a greater sense of responsibility towards the school, peers, environment, cleanliness and community were noticed among the students.