Principal's Desk

It is time to create a world for our children where justice, truth, and values are paramount. A world where learning comes naturally and hence the outcome is of self-belief and joy. In DPSG, SL we have built a place for children where we value reasoning, harness capabilities, boost potential to think independently, critically analyze and value alternative viewpoints.

Our children are groomed to be global citizens; they must understand the international initiatives for promoting world peace and brotherhood, be proactive to reverse the effects of global warming and environmental degradation, global health concerns, and eradication of terrorism.

We believe in child-centered teaching and hence learning intrinsically starts from the child inside-out rather than the curriculum outside-in. Children are at the center of everything here. The key feature in child-centered classrooms like ours is engaged students. When I walk through the corridors and classrooms, I hear the happy sound of children at work; I see them totally immersed in their activities. What we have created is a happy blend of discipline and tradition. Other distinctive feature includes nurturing relationships- The interactions between teacher and student, student and teacher, student and students, and teacher and teacher, also with our dear parents is special to the DPSG ecosystem.

As an educator I want to create a safe environment where our children can make mistakes, knowing that they are loved, that they are safe and that they are treasured. Children are our valuable future. At DPSG, SL we nurture them, so they can grow into humble and wise individuals.

Anshu Mital


The navigator of DPSG SL. The united front of DPSG SL

"Thank you for continued support and patience as we work through COVID-19 as it involves all the stakeholders." - Ms. Anshu Mital(Principal)