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Student Council

Rudra Patel

School Captain

I am honoured to introduce myself as the school Captain for this academic year, a role that combines my dedication to academic excellence with my commitment to leadership and community engagement. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently pursued excellence, maintaining high grades and a commitment to lifelong learning. I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that this role brings, and I am eager to collaborate with all of you to make this academic year the best it can be. I am an ambitious guitarist and a volleyball player, someone who is keen to learn about the laws of the universe and what the computers hold for the development of society.


Prajjwal Jaiswal

Sports Captain

I am honoured to introduce myself as your School Sports Captain for this academic year. I bring a blend of academic excellence and passion for this role. Being a sports captain comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication. The sports leadership role is more than a badge and title to me, and I promise to uphold the honour of this school.


Soyamjeet Patra

Event Head

I am honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of orchestrating memorable experiences for our school community. I am dedicated to crafting inclusive and engaging events that foster unity and school spirit. With the support of our teachers, fellow students, and administrators, I aspire to make this school year unforgettable. 


Jay Basumatary

House Vice Captain

I come at your presence, not as a leader but rather as a person who will put your interests first before mine. I encourage, support, put in all my effort and lead my team to make sure it succeeds in every sport event and enjoys the day even if we don't win. I will be an effective captain encouraging and giving all students the determination to win.