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Student Council

Prefectorial System

Selection Process

Distribution of self assessment proforma to aspiring candidates of the house/class by House Incharge. On return of the proforma the House Incharge & Class Teacher evaluate & give recommendations. Interviews by sub-committee (formed by respective HMs & Grading on a scale of 10). Decision for short-listed candidates by a committee (all House Incharges & sub-committees headed by the HM & Co-ordinators) Interviews & approval of the finalists with the Principal.

Investiture Ceremony

Address by Chairman DPSG Sushant Lok Mr. Anshul Pathak to the newly inducted student council 2021-22

“If your Actions Create a Legacy that Inspires others to Dream More, Do More and Become More, then you are an Excellent Leader”.

Investiture means a formal investing of a person with authority, power, right, office and dignity. It is rightly said that ‘Leaders are not born, they are made’. Investiture ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies of the school. This traditional feature of DPSG Sushant Lok, is eagerly awaited by all the students of the school. Year after year, it reminds us of the trust and confidence that we repose in our newly elected cabinet. Donning the mantle of responsibility, they all pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities and abide by rules and regulations of the school.

Head Boy-Yash Vardhan Singh

My name is Yash Vardhan Singh and I am the Head boy of DPSG Sushant Lok. My basic duties are maintaining discipline in the classes, during common assembly, or during any event or ceremony in the school. To convey the students demand to the head or the Principal. Conducting and hosting events are also one of them.Apart from these, with the help of my teachers, we created a platform where the students can come up with any sorts of complaints without any fear. Ragging, bullying, teasing, physical abuse can be the main reasons of such complaints which the victim might be afraid to state just because of fear. I urge the students to focus on academics and as well as in improving their talents instead of wasting time. Most importantly, make the students respect each other.

Head Girl- Roopvati Ahluwalia

I, Roopvati Alhuwalia, Head girl of DPSG, Sushant Lok feel that the position I hold comes with a great responsibility; responsibility to work for the growth and advancement of the school. As the head girl, I set an example for the members of the student council by being diligent, honest, and efficient, enduring that the council is well defined and working. I personally assist the students in their preparations for MUN's. All the issues, requests and suggestions of the students are carried forward to the teachers and head of the school to develop a democratic and conducive environment. I, along with my teachers, organize various school events and functions.

School Council Members


Yash Vardhan Singh
Head Boy
Roopvati Ahluwalia
Head Girl
Siddharth Shivahare
Deputy Head Boy
Tejaswini Kathuria
Deputy Head Girl
Hemant Sangwan
Captain Discipline (Boy)
Soumi Dasgupta
Captain Discipline (Girl)
Tanuj Parmar
Captain Sports
Simran Kumari
Captain Cultural
Aditya Gupta
Captain Technology
Diksha Shankar
Captain Editorial Board

Class Prefects

Vishakha Singh
Class III
Manvi Singh
Class IV/strong>
Class V
Vansh Yadav
Class VI
Saatvik Khandelwal
Class VII
Prerna Saini
Class VIII
Rudra Patel
Class IX
Prapti Singh
Class X
Mansa Yadav
Class XII A
Neha Yadav
Class XII B
Daksha Sharma
Class XII C

House Captains

Ishita Atri
Agni House Captain
Tausif Reja
Jal House Captain
Bhumika Yadav
Dharti House Captain
Gagan Singh
Vayu House Captain
Shashwat Dwivedi
Agni House Vice Captain
Yash Kr. Gupta
Jal House Vice Captain
Hasina Banu
Dharti House Vice Captain
Garima Singh
Vayu House Vice Captain

School House System

The House names at DPSG SUSHANT LOK are inspired by elements of nature. These basic elements have the precise and vital part to play in our life and well being. Dharti teaches patience, Agni is for purity, Vayu for perseverance and Jal motives to progress in our lives. To instill the value of respect for each element of nature in young learners and using these elements sustainably and judiciously lays the foundation of Houses at DPSG SL. 


Captain-Tausif Reja (XII A)

"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible".
Jal represents water and water is the driving force of all nature. Water is life and man can learn many things from it. To build and showcase the talents of our students, the motto set by Jal House for the session was ‘Keep flowing and shape to perfection’ and its belief in hardwork and persistent efforts to achieve excellence has made it possible for the Jalians in lifting the House Trophy for the session 2019-20. Jal house is headed by the student captain Tausif Reja from Class XII and student Vice captain Yash Kumar Gupta from class X under the guidance of Ms. Varinder Sandhu , Ms Aparna, Ms Neetu Yadav, Ms Debapriya Chakraborty, Ms Meenakshi and Mr. Ashish Gambhir. The journey to the ultimate destination had its own ups and downs, but the enthusiasm and competitive spirits within the team members and teachers has brought out the hidden talents in our students.. Jalians embarked their skills in Bullet-in board, Creative Band and Badminton competitions by securing the first position. Students and teachers have collaborated on all occasions to bring success and laurels for their house, participating with full zest and zeal in the Inter House Competitions. The team has always been motivated to do better and have displayed sportsmanship. The team members take failure as an opportunity to learn and spin web of success stories to keep its flag flying high in all the events and activities.

From House In-Charge Desk

From House Captain Desk


Captain-Bhumika Yadav (XII C)

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.”
Dharti House represents prosperity and harmony. The team of Dharti House understands and lays equal importance for the holistic development of the children. The motto of Dharti House for this session is ‘Accept Challenges as in every Challenge lies an Opportunity’. To foster the mental and physical well-being of the Dhartians, the habit of sportsmanship is inculcated in them during various inter house competitions. Dharti house is headed by Ms. Lavanya Mehta andthe team members are Ms Kavita Dhingra, Ms Palak Matta, Ms Urvashi Gupta, Ms Sonu Chikara and Ms.Swati Pandit. This year has brought with it many hopes, challenges and responsibilities. The students of Dharti House never gave up and delivered the best performances in different categories with great zeal throughout the year keeping the spirit of the competition alive. The teachers and the students of the house displayed a tremendous example of team work and the power of unity. Dharti House participated in all the events with great zeal and ecstasy. The students had put all their strength, talent and hard work to ginger up their performances and brought laurels to the house by gaining victory in various competitions. The whole year was full of excitement and enthusiasm for Dharti house as the students got to display their talents and skills. The house is all set to battle with new challenges and prove its worth for the year to come.

From House In-Charge Desk

From House Captain Desk


Captain-Gagan Singh (XII A)

The students of the Vayu house participated in all the events with great zeal throughout the year. The teachers and the students of the house worked in unity. The house is headed by Ms. Upasna Sharma.Vayu’ stands for ‘Compassion: for self and others’. Vayu house with yellow colour symbolises the brightness in the actions to spread shine and enthusiasm and bear the ‘Never Give up’ attitude. Events like Inter House Basketball Match, Volley Ball Match, Rangoli Making Competition, Patriotic Singing (Solo) Competition, Chess Competition, Creative Musical Band and Inter-House Carrom and Badminton Match took place in this session and Vayu House participated in the events with enthusiasm showing the ‘Never Give up Attitude and Spirit’. “DPSG, SL, also organized an Inter House Bulletin Board Competition, wherein the theme was “Sustainable Goals”. The house participated with enthusiasm. The topic was “Affordable and Clean Energy”. Just like Vayu keeps blowing and rises up and comes down, similarly it teaches us to keep going through all ups and downs.

From House In-Charge Desk

From House Captain Desk


Captain-Ishita Atri (XIIC)

Agni House is the house with fire in its spirit. The house is mentored by Ms. Shweta Gangani. The vision of the Agni house team for this year was ‘Sky above me, Earth below me and Fire within me’. Students and teachers of the house have on all occasions come together and put in their sincere efforts to bring laurels to the house. ‘Agni’ stands for Wisdom and Power within. Agni house with red as its color is the house with fire in its spirit. A small spark can start a great fire and each member holds a spark in self to unveil their talents in various events. This vision of the house keeps the fire burning within the team members throughout to achieve great heights for the school.The Inter House Competitions, which were conducted, fostered a healthy spirit of competitions as well as strong sense of bond among all the AGNIANS. All the events witnessed a strong performance from the Agni House students and they gave tough competition to other houses. The house partake in Declamation, Poem Recitation, and Bullet-in- Board, Creative Musical Band, Patriotic Song and Creative Band Competition using waste materials. In the sports category, our students had performed exceptionally well. Besides competitions, our team of Agni House learnt to accept the moments of success and those of failure with a positive spirit. The team spirit, confidence and co-operation of the students as well as the house tutors were exemplary. We hope that in the coming year’s victory will embrace us more than this and our students will hold the Agni House flag high.

From House In-Charge Desk

From House Captain Desk

House Winners:


Name of the Winning House  

Name of the Teacher Mentor of the winning House  

Name of the Captain of the winning House 



 Bharat Singh

 Sambhavi Kataria (xi)




 Gagan Hora

Shweta Gangani

 Nitish Kumar(xi)




Varinder Sandhu 

Tausif Raza (xi)

SESSION 2019-20          
SN EVENT/ HOUSE Agni Dharti Vaayu Jal
1 Inter House Basket Ball Competition (IX-X) 7 4 4 10
2 Inter- House Creative Musical Band Competition 1 7 4 10
3 Inter House Declamation Competition 4 10 1 7
4 Inter-house Solo Singing Competition (Junior) 1 4 10 7
5 Inter-house Solo Singing Competition (Senior) 10 1 7 4
6 Inter House Volley Ball Match (IX-XI) 10 4 4 7
7 Inter-House Bulletin board competition 7 7 4 10
8 Inter House Badminton Competition (VI-VIII) 4 7 1 10
9 Inter-House Carom Competition 1 4 10 7
10 Interhouse Kho-Kho Girls Competition (VI-VIII) 10 4 1 7
11 Inter-house Basketball Competition Girls (IX,XI) 4 10 1 7
  TOTAL 59 62 47 86

Winner : Jal House

1st Runner-Up: Dharti House

2nd Runner-Up: Agni House

Leadership Training

Those students who get the honour of being prefects are groomed for handling their new roles in a responsible manner. Their training under the guidance of teachers and professionals aims to inculcate managerial and organizational skills, problem solving skills and good communication. Above all, they are trained to bring out the best within themselves as human beings, to work in teams and to demonstrate exemplary behavior.