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The Transport facility currently includes 4 buses that are equipped with Speed Governs, CCTV & GPS. This successfully ensures the safety and security of students on board. Each bus is air-conditioned and is always staffed with a lady attendant to take care of children.

Parents/Guardians are expected to carry a I.D Card always during the Pick-up and drop off. 

School Bus Etiquette

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early.
  • Stay out of the street while waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before moving toward the school bus to go on board.
  • When boarding or exiting the bus, stay in a single file line and hold onto the handrail.
  • Keep legs and feet in front of you and never stick your arms or head out of the bus window.
  • Always remain seated while the bus is moving.
  • Be courteous to the bus driver and other students.
  • Do not distract the driver by shouting or yelling.
  • Know where emergency exits are located and review evacuation procedures.
  • Do not pick up anything that falls under the bus. Tell the driver if you drop anything.
  • Never walk behind the school bus. Make eye contact with the bus driver and wait for his signal before crossing in front of the bus.