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Letter to Parents - Principal DPSG SL

Dear Parents and Guardians,

1. I write to you, to share a few thoughts with you.

2. I strongly believe that the most important obligation towards our child is ‘Good Education’. Parents are their child’s first teachers, and they have a key role in shaping up their character. A balance of education at home and school molds a student's actual learning. Parental encouragement plays a crucial role in creating successful students.

3. ‘A good school’ is a tool that prepares students for life by providing an ‘Education for Life’

through an enriched curriculum.

4. At DPSG Sushant Lok, we go a step further and wish to communicate a message of trust and confidence in

all stakeholders as we aim at building consistency of action and results. We believe in making our students

undergo the DPSG experience by focusing on must haves:

    (a) A clear and shared vision for the school.

    (b) A conducive learning environment.

    (c) Skilled and supportive teachers and administrators and their constant upskilling and development.

    (d) Focus on teaching and learning.

            (i) An Education for Life.

            (ii) Teaching – Learning beyond the Classroom.

    (e) Reliable support staff.

    (f) A safe learning environment for students.

    (g) Affordable Fee.

    (h) Teamwork by Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrative Staff.

    (j) State-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

5. DPSG SL, your ward’s school, if judged on parameters listed in Para 6 (a) to (j) above, would fare far better than majority schools in Gurugram. The school is indeed special because it is a single section per class school. The average class strength ranges between 15 to 20 students only. We may add a few numbers but only enough to provide a competitive edge to our students. The numbers ensure that all at school know their students well. DPSG has a unique curriculum with equal emphasis on Scholastic and Foundational Domains. It follows a system that allows the students to work out their roadmap to a better future.

6. DPSG has some of the best faculty. This is evidenced by the recently declared class X and XII Board results achieved by the school. You would have also noticed the commitment and effort put in by the staff over the years. On its part, the school is equally pleased to see the enthusiasm of majority of parents, who keep sharing their feedback about school’s initiatives.

7. Though you have been apprised of the Student Leadership Camp in the Quarter1 edition of

Newsletter, I would like to draw your attention yet again towards this unique initiative taken up by DPSG Society in arranging the Student Leadership Camp for Student Council members of 8 DPSG Schools. The camp held in the salubrious environs of Sela Qui International during the month of June 2022 is a point in case and proves beyond doubt that DPSG society is dedicated towards nurturing future leaders. For members of Student Council, the camp has been a major learning experience. Our students at school are going to benefit immensely from all the initiatives being taken by the school.

8. You are aware of the on-going Campaign of DPSG, Sushant Lok in collaboration with MCG Gurugram ‘GOOD MORNING GURUGRAM’ - an initiative towards “Swachh Bharat, Swastha Bharat” has been going in full swing ever since its launch in the month of May 22. The launch of Environ Earth – each one nurtures one is a commitment towards building up of a positive change in the era of climate crisis. This and much more is coming your way as DPSGians demonstrate their lessons learnt in Citizenship Studies.

9. I am sure you would have acted on my letter advising you to equip your child with a digital learning tool (Tablet or laptop) that will enable leveraging technology in imparting quality education. Should there be a doubt regarding the same, you may kindly contact the HRT.

10. DPSG SL carries forward a legacy of 42 years. We are proud to announce that our students have performed well and have shown encouraging results in the Board examination conducted in May 2022. The guidance provided by CCUP- Career counselling and University Placement cell at DPSG has further empowered our students to make the right career choice and nurture their ever-growing appetite to learn, aspire and grow as they undertake higher studies.

11. We believe that a positive supportive and open relationship between school and parents is desirable for improved educational outcomes for ‘our children’ and seek your cooperation in school programs. On behalf of the school and on my own behalf, I wish you and your families good health and happiness for all times to come.

With Best wishes

Meenu Chopra


DPSG Sushant Lok