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Citizenship Study

DPSG  has introduced Citizenship curriculum in the foundation domain and the approach of learning is - how to engage pupils in regular lessons and activities within and beyond the classroom that include opportunities for active citizenship

To inspire and train the students to be responsible and able citizens.

To conduct inspirational activities and events to strengthen the WILL of the students to become committed citizens.

To deliver the content to build the SKILLS required to be responsible citizens.

To achieve an augmented awareness of global social issues through a Citizenship Studies Curriculum and a series of experiential, engaging and fun loaded activities and become global citizens 

Three main guidelines:

Citizenship Studies based on the educating the students of the necessary information regarding the country’s history, geography and politics, the concept of Equality, Freedom and Human Rights, Roles and Responsibilities

Citizenship Studies through the participation and experiences in the school and the locality.

Citizenship Studies to provide the necessary tools, abilities, competences and values to the students, which will allow them to actively participate in the responsibilities they will face in the adult life.

Strategies to be used to implement and deliver it will be: 

Active: emphasis on learning by doing- story enactments, cultural activities involving special days, national days, festivals, singing the National Anthem

Interactive: uses discussion and debate on social issue videos, stories, news items, TED Talks etc

Critical: encourages young people to think for themselves- through expressions in Art, Poetry, Songs, story narration

Living Citizenship values; Special weeks- Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Compassion, responsibility; Courage, Environmental care, empathy etc. and Special Days: Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

Field Trips and Engagement with community workers to understand their issues and problems 

Case Studies, Creating Social Awareness through: Blogs, articles, through social Media 

Addressing Adolescent Issues: skills needed to be effective in relationships, nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying and aggressive behavior and how to respond to them and ask for help.