Function and Events Secondary

The students of classes VI - VIII took part in an Inter House Patriotic song Competition on 14th August 2018. The four houses enthusiastically took part in the competition showcasing their talent and evoking the patriotic fervour.
Ganga House bagged the First position with Satlej and Yamuna house at second and third position respectively.



To satiate the Creative bent of mind, Class IX conducted a hands-on activity in the French class on 30th July 2018. As a part of their curriculum, the students learnt a famous French recipe – the mouth-watering Dessert called PARFAIT, critically thinking how they can experiment with different ingredients, like Chocolate cake, fruits and whipped cream, etc. and creatively laying it on a tray, naming it innovatively. The students not only enhanced their knowledge about the French cuisine & culture, but also tried their hands at Culinary Etiquettes.



Anti-Polythene Campaign

The students of Class IX & X participated in an Awareness Campaign on Anti-Polythene at DPS Indirapuram on 21st July 2018. It was an initiative by the District Magistrate, Ghaziabad –Ms Ritu Maheshwari & instructions from DIOS Mr Pankaj Pandey.

The students were made to critically analyse how hazardous polythene is going to be in future, if its usage is not stopped now and they were subjected to think creatively what can be its substitutes. The students prepared placards to campaign against polythenes and took a pledge neither to use it themselves nor allow others to have a safe environment.