Keep living and being yourself- Aarush Bhat

A real hero is one who finds the strength to pursue a dream in spite of overwhelming obstacles, to retain faith in self when all around doubt his abilities.

These lines define the personality of Aarush Bhat who has challenged his limitations and shines like a scintillating star on the firmament of DPSG Vasundhara. By scoring 88.8 percent marks in CBSE Class-X Exam, he has proved it yet again that the success is a matter of attitude over anything else.

Source: DPSG Vasundhara

DPSG Vasundhara, known for its ethos of Inclusive Education, accepted Aarush as a student when more than 95 schools of NCR denied him admission because of his visual impairment. The school encouraged him to participate in all mainstream academic activities and provided him a platform to showcase his talent and skills. Aarush did not fall short of his school’s expectations and took all challenges in his stride and kept on scripting his stories of success with each passing day.

Despite his visual handicap, Aarush went all alone to USA for a 15- day Space Camp held at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA. He has opted for PCM Stream in class 11 and runs his own YouTube Channel to voice his concern on various issues.

Source: DPSG Vasundhara

His parents said that, “Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. No matter how much we grieve, nothing will change. It is important to act bravely. If we keep this in mind, many more paths will be open for us”.

Tips for the young minds

My tip for the young minds out there is pretty simple actually, it is basically something I try to follow myself every day. I say try because it is never predetermined, never 100% likely that it’s going to work, out there you will have to face challenges, you will fall, hard, just like I did and will feel like giving up. The trick however, is to not give into those little urges and just keep living. Keep living and being yourself.

Don’t tell yourself things that may not come true, or that may come true but are too far-fetched for you to accomplish. Don’t let others persuade you into doing something you don’t think you can. You know who you are better than anybody else, talking to yourself and self-contemplation is a very powerful tool. Do what you think you can, be who you are, and keep on living. That’s the crux.

Whatever life throws at you, just keep going, even when it is the worse of situations, tell yourself that somehow you will make it out. If your body and mind don’t agree, force them. Fill them with imaginary images of you finally reaching the top and celebrating the ups and downs or giving a speech somewhere, listening to the crowd cheer for you. do whatever peps you up and motivate yourself.

The mind holds incomprehensible power. However, that also means that not understanding that power and mastering it may lead to undesirable situations. Most importantly, do what you like, always remember to take some time out for that, there is nothing more important than what you love. Yes, balance everything but when you’re doing what you like, do it like there is no tomorrow, like there are not going to be any second chances.

Lift yourself up so high that you are ready for the rest of the challenges that life throws at you afterword’s.

Team DPSG Vasundhara is proud of Aarush’s marvelous performance and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.

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