How much sugar is the exact amount of sugar?

If I provide my child with every requirement for the day, do I become an involved parent or an overprotective parent?

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This is a million-dollar question for every parent of a developing nation. Wherever the resources are limited, survival of the fittest is the key. So as a parent do I teach my child to learn to collaborate with others or do I teach him/her to fight for his/her rights. After reading an article in an eminent magazine, I realized that there isn’t much that, we parents can do.Every child is born with a specific set of temperament and personality. Easy child or a difficult child as they call it.

Then if there isn’t much role for me to play, then what is meant by the dynamism of the environmental effect? And if it is entirely my role to prepare my child by providing the adequate home environment, then what about the role of experiential learning by dealing with the tough people or situations and by the challenges thrown in life? These questions kept clouding my mind. Moreover, I want to understand if the people of the developed nation also think in these lines? Do they get cluttered by the concept of building leadership skills or prefer fostering emotional intelligence among their children?

And what about those from the underdeveloped countries, are kids born there with the superpower of managing and coping with the challenges or the parents from those countries just don’t have enough time to think about all these questions? Are there are more important survival quests that they need to attend to?

I start reading and learning more about parenting styles. This taught me to tailor make the parenting technique because every child has a different sensitivity level. For sure creating a bond with the child by spending time, listening, laughing with them playing with them helps. It is important to be friendly with the child but often we parents do the damage by becoming their friends. Every relation that a child has, or forms is meant to serve a purpose of development in the person’s life.

Irrespective of the development level of a country, no matter how much we prepare our children, create a simulated environmental effect and keep talking about the best way to deal, a certain thing can never be spoon fed. What a heartbreak, or failing in an exam or losing a match can teach, no one else can!

Irrespective of reading and continuous learning some of my questions remain unanswered. Looking forward to learning from your personal experience of parenting or grand parenting. Please feel free to share your opinion on this topic of how much sugar is the exact amount of sugar.

Sudeshna Nath

PGT Psychology

School Counselor

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