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A Good Leader

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED December 15, 2020, UPDATED January 1, 1970

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

It quotes the true essence of a good leader. I hope that you would grasp some moral knowledge about leadership through this journal and realise its significance in present life. Let it not be confined within a few but let’s hope that everyone sprouts up the intent of becoming a good leader by the end of it. The question that now pops up is that how to become a good leader? And what exactly is the basic role of a leader?

Nothing to be perplexed. It is not something complex, but its simplicity makes it sophisticate. Bossing around, is this what it means? Of course not, sounds misleading right? But then what does it mean? A leader is one who’s the strength of his crew, who’s the stem holding up all and reflects them as a one. Moreover, a leader is the one who doesn’t do things to win credit but instead to win hearts.

The words can’t totally define that how a leader should be, but getting recognised as a leader is a boon in itself.

Akshara Tyagi


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