Hey! Is this top matching along with my faded jeans? Hey! Does my nose look better now? Hey! Is my Instagram page aesthetic? We all do that, don’t we? Yes, we do. Well, I am not accusing you. Everyone does that. It’s a human habit. But we should know to do to what extent. First of all you must Quiet the mind of Judgement. Being too much self-conscious is bad for your social and ethical life. The people who have a good conscience tend to master the art of self-acceptance.

Happiness begins the moment you start being yourself. So, begin to free yourself of any impulses or compare yourself to that of any other. You are perfect. You are unique. You deserve love. Self-love is the best part of self-acceptance. Once you start accepting yourself, you eventually start loving yourself. It is not about getting a new haircut, changing your wardrobe or redefining yourself. It is obtaining an appreciation for yourself that stems from the physical, emotional, and spiritual support you give yourself. Mind you, you will be accepted as you are: Remember None of us are perfect …….

Sometimes people start feeling inferior about folk criticizing them behind their back. But I think “Yeah! I got myself a whole fan club.”

Being optimistic and feeling good about yourself is really important. Have gratitude sessions. Think about what you are grateful for. You can’t control how other people receive your energy. It gets filtered through the lens of whatever personal circumstances that they are going, which is not about you. Art of self-acceptance must be the priority of Generation Z.

What does self-acceptance look like? How do you know when you have ‘reached’ self-acceptance? When you can look in the mirror and truly accept the unique, wonderful work-in-progress person staring back at you, you have accepted yourself just the way you are. You have overcome your irrational thinking.

You are not worthless. You are amazing simply because you exist. You are loved and respected for your presence. Start accepting yourself the way you are, and you will rediscover yourself. Mark my words.

                                                                                      Swasthi Tomar


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