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Choose your school wisely

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED September 8, 2020, UPDATED January 3, 2023

  • Teachers

When choosing a school for your children, you want them to have the best teachers possible. You want life-long, committed educators – people who entered the profession as a calling, who dedicate their lives to young people. As of my personal experience the teachers in DPSG Vasundhara are the best teachers you can ever get. The teachers here in school create a safe, positive, and productive learning environment which makes school a second home for your child and makes your child comfortable to adjust in the new environment. Teachers are “always willing to help and give time” to your child .they establish such kind of relationship with your child that teachers here becomes second parent who always looks after your children

  •  Curriculum

The school has one of the finest curriculum . It has now adopted to the new and the advanced curriculum that is ,”The English national curriculum “which is the most popular curriculum choice in the world, followed by a US-oriented curriculum and the IB.

  • Safety

Here in the school safe and secure atmosphere is being provided which also makes way for an effective teaching and learning environment. Proper equipments have been installed like

·Fire extinguishing equipment

sensor alarms in case of fires

As you tour  the school  you will notice the arrows on the wall which  guide a child towards a proper exit route ,to be followed in the case of emergency.

Krish mehra 

Class 12-B 

Ganga house captain

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