Do Students Need Additional Skills In These Uncertain Times

Going for the basic theoretical education is not enough anymore! Students have to move way forward than just reading books and vomiting everything in the final paper. They need to learn ways to incorporate those learning in real life to help build a better society. During this uncertain COVID scenario, learning ways to survive is of top-notch priority. Therefore, the top ten schools in Ghaziabad, including DPSG Vasundhara, are addressing additional skills in their student’s curriculum. Now, students have the liberty to not just gain book-based knowledge but also to improve their life-centric skills.

Recent studies have shown that around 65% of students will get employed in jobs which clearly didn’t exist as of now, but will grow their branches later. So, preparing them for the unseen is what modern schools like DPSG Vasundhara are all about. Helping out students to develop skills which they need to succeed in the future is crucial and indeed a necessity.

Focusing on adaptive thinking:

In the current digital era, nothing is constant. Moreover, things are changing at an exponential rate. So, when the time finally comes for employees to learn about the newest program or software, you will see a better version already in the market.

  • Future employers are striving hard to adapt to those changing conditions and also helping people to learn new things in a rather quick manner. 
  • So, the students should learn how to follow up latest news and updates quickly, thus; saving time for employers and even companies in general.

Adaptive thinking is crucial and forms an important part of modern schools like DPSG Vasundhara. It helps to prepare students for new measures and also preparing them to grasp new knowledge with ease.

The value of communication skills:

Even though this point is not something new, but there has been an emphasis on the ability to communicate in a proficient manner. During this uncertain time, you will have access to various new mediums to communicate, right from social media to video-conferencing. Future employers are looking for ways to help communicate with people within their said teams and also that outside of the team and even organizations. 

Gen-next schools are teaching their students to grasp modern communicative skills and implement the same when the time comes later in life. This is one way to improve their business rules and bag better job prospects later.

Ultimate collaborative measures:

Most of the modern classrooms are fostering a culture of independence and competition rather than working on teamwork and collaboration. 

  • So, the future employees might adapt to the collaboration culture quickly. 
  • They must know the art to collaborate with others not just within the organization but outside as well. 
  • For that, they might have to take the help of various new technologies. The best nursery school in Ghaziabad will be working in this field for a long time and have crafted study materials accordingly.

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills:

There is always a decreased emphasis on employees who are following directions. On the other hand, there remains an increased emphasis on those experts who are working on critical ideas and solving issues from the core. 

  • During this pandemic scenario, employers are looking for people who can solve problems and provide some new ideas down the line. 
  • They want someone who can help improve the current standing of an organization. 

So learning about the ways to solve problems from the core is something that needs to start early in life. That’s why schools are looking for ways to instill critical thinking into their subjects, to help prepare students for what’s coming up.

Dealing with personal management:

Personal management consists of the ability for people to plan and organize any event independently. Through proper learning, employers can now create and execute plans well and don’t have to wait for anyone else to do the task on their behalf. Schools like DPSG Vasundhara will teach their students to be independent at a tender age.

Get enrolled in DPSG Vasundhara now:

Formed on May 3rd, 1999, DPSG Vasundhara has recently shifted its location at Sector 9 Vasundhara. This school has the comprehensive vision of an education system with a perfect blend of technology, value, tradition, and quest for excellence. Their main goal is to impart quality knowledge for a child’s holistic development.

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