DPSG Vasundhara: A great place to nurture creativity and curiosity

Creativity and curiosity are two such skill sets that can attribute inquirers, communicators, and thinkers to society. These attributes in children can make them better human beings with better and a brighter future.

These are two essential skill sets that can develop the personality of the children. A young child will learn about different things by asking numerous questions and showing curiosity. At the same time, he will try to replicate what he just learned to nurture his creativity.

As a parent, if you encourage both curiosity and creativity in your children, they will grow up to be fine human beings. They will be able to tackle any kind of situation even if it is adverse.

Both these skill sets require a happy and safe space for the children to learn while they play so that they can take risks and exercise autonomy. That is why DPSG Vasundhara is the ideal school for your children.

DPSG Vasundhara is a private school in Ghaziabad that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The teachers of the school are supportive of the children so that they can achieve great goals in life.

Why should you choose DPSG Vasundhara over others?

Of all the private schools in Ghaziabad, DPSG Vasundhara follows the CBSE curriculum. Founded on 3 May 1999 and since then has carved a niche for itself in the education domain.

When it comes to developing and focusing on creativity for the growing students, it requires out-of-the-box treatment for the children from the teachers. It also means the children need to go out of their regular comfort zones to learn new things. Even if they do mistakes while learning, it is considered as a learning curve. Every mistake is nothing but a new opportunity to learn new things and explore. These are some of the factors that are well taken care of by DPSG Vasundhara.

If you want your children to grow up in a happy environment that imbibes great human values along with conventional traditions, although not forgetting the need of the hour- technology. Then DPSG Vasundhara is the place to be. The constant quest for knowledge and excellence is what makes the school stand out amongst the rest.

DPSG Vasundhara is an ideal school for quality education while keeping a strong focus on the overall holistic development of its students.

Students learn to ideate in DPSG Vasundhara

Teachers of DPSG Vasundhara ensure that they create moments that fuel the passion in every student. The teachers here are more involved with the students and converse with them regularly to find out the interests of students so that they can pursue a career out of their passion and interest.

DPSG Vasundhara encourages autonomy

Teachers of DPSG Vasundhara always encourage feedback, whether positive or constructive. The feedback received is used for self-assessment for doing even better than before.

The DPSG Vasundhara also encourages creative thinking over the bookish syllabus

The teachers of the school ensure the students are using their creative thinking prowess when it comes to working on school assignments and projects. They encourage the students to imagine and invent solutions for the problems.

When the teachers channel the creativity into the activities for students, it automatically encourages the students to incorporate creativity in their daily tasks.

The teachers of the school earnestly try to create excitement over everyday learning for the children. They support resilience and create various learning opportunities under different situations and circumstances.

Channel your children’s talent and passion into the right channels with DPSG Vasundhara

Allow your children to voice their thoughts through a creative process. Let them express their emotions in their artwork. The teachers of DPSG Vasundhara are not only excellent guides, but they are also motivators who continuously strive to bring out the best from the students of the school.

DPSG Vasundhara can change the outlook towards education in India

DPSG Vasundhara is one of the best private schools in Ghaziabad offering a CBSE curriculum. We offer an integrated learning course that ensures excellence in creative pursuits with a constantly curious ambiance. The school is equipped with immense opportunities to bring out the best in your children. DPSG Vasundhara boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and teachers of excellence. Your children will receive nothing but the best in education when they become a part of our school.


DPSG Vasundhara makes studying an easy and joyful process. Children would not run away from the conventional mathematics courses ever again. They will instead use their inquisitive mind in finding joy hidden in mathematics. They will learn to use their social skills in their everyday life. In other words, when you let your children be a part of DPSG Vasundhara, they will only shine brighter and better in the future since great curiosity generally also predicts greater success in people.

You can visit https://www.dpsgs.org/vasundhara/, the school website for more information about our school and the admission procedures.

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