Effective Communication

‘The quality of our communication is the quality of our life’. Communication is a skill that you can learn. It is the best way to create strong relationships. It is the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another. At times, we may even prefer to use signs and gestures. Effective Communication is important to exchange thoughts and ideas with others if we have to play a meaningful role in the society. Practically the world runs because of communication. Right from our home to our workplace, there is communication everywhere. From a song, speech to site head nod, or handshake, different forms of communication are used throughout the day without realizing it. There are so many aspects of an effective communication which includes verbal communication that means face to face and telephonic discussion, non-verbal communication that includes body language and gestures, written communication comprises of books, e mail etc, and visual communication which includes graphs, charts and maps. Surely, all the components are important to make the communication meaningful and operative. But there is a lot of change in the paradigm of communication because of the current pandemic situation. Life has changed drastically in the last several months, and how we communicate must change too. Learning new ways to interact has proven to be a challenge, but one we can get through. The most obvious changes are that most of us now have less face-to-face, in-person interaction with others, and when we are face to face, we are wearing masks. Now is the time to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to how we express ourselves to others. It’s crucial we show compassion and kindness to each other as we exercise through these changes. Empathy is of great significance for better healthcare outcomes as part of a warm and friendly communication style. Connect with nature, cook your favourite dish with your sibling, listen to the stories of your grandparents with care and affection, and most importantly celebrate the positives. Sharing positive stories and creating uplifting moments on different social and digital platforms, keeping in touch and listen with all your heart will definitely make a difference. Akshita Gupta 7 A

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