Elements that inculcate holistic development in students

Nowadays, for the overall development of a child, simple book learning is not the end of the story as you need something more than that! Well, the time has come when you need to deal with proper holistic development, which ensures the overall development of your little kid. 

Holistic development essential means the proper development of mental, intellectual, emotional, physical and social abilities in a child so that the little one is able to face the challenges and demands of daily life. These abilities are important to learn from a tender age, especially to excel in professional fields of work.

Every child is unique:

It is a known fact that every little child is unique and known for his traits, personality, preferences, values, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and different attitudes at the same time.

  • So, it is imperative to state that the educational curriculum needs to be able to help every child in finding his or her unique place in this current world.
  • The main goal is to align the child’s mental abilities with the uniqueness he or she possesses.
  • For achieving the same goal, reliable schools in Ghaziabad like DPSG are all set to address a complete and holistic development of a little one.

Understanding what is holistic development:

Well, let’s just start off by saying that holistic development is mostly the comprehensive approach in the field of learning. The main goal is to develop the various facets or abilities related to the human brain.

  • The learning systems and conventional educational aids will help in the proper development of intellectual capabilities only.
  • However, holistic growth mainly aims toward the development of intellectual abilities, physical capabilities, emotional abilities, mental or cognitive abilities and even social skills.

The points included within physical capability development:

The first one among the lot will be the gross motor development skills. A reputed school like DPSG will hire teachers to help students enjoy better gross motor skills. Some of the best examples will be running, climbing, walking and more. Gross motor skill mainly means involving the entire movement of the body.

  • Then you have the development of some of the psychomotor abilities over here.
  • It mainly refers to various kinds of fine motor skills associated with conscious learning from the five senses, mainly hearing, touch and sight.
  • Right from cutting the vegetables to making clay models, there are loads of options available under psychomotor abilities. The team from DPSG will work hand in hand with the students to help them learn more.

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The values behind cognitive ability and intellectual capability development:

The first point that comes to your mind regarding this thought will be developing abilities to help learn from experience and information. It will involve learning from information and data, learning from doing any activity and more.

  • Then you have to develop abstract thinking abilities. It means understanding and thinking about ideas, principles, concepts and objects that are non-verbal or not present physically.
  • You have comprehensive ability development. Here, students will understand and comprehend verbal and written information.
  • Then DPSG teachers will help students develop their problem-solving abilities as part of holistic development. So, now they get to solve issues by using various solutions or concepts.
  • The teachers from the same school will address creative thinking development. So, students will develop new ways to solve issues and visualise and think of new ideas out of the box.
  • Even for critical thinking abilities, DPSG will help students with the best guidance. Students will now think of some new ways to solve problems like thinking of new ideas, visualisation and more.
  • They will also get help with analytical thinking and logical ability development. They will analyse the reasons behind situations and events and understand the cause behind any situation or event.

Holistic development covering emotional ability development:

Apart from the points mentioned above associated with holistic development, there have been emotional ability development as well. It forms a major part of holistic education from DPSG.

  • The students will learn to develop intra-personal abilities, which involve self0-understanding and self-belief.
  • Then they will enjoy interpersonal ability development, which is one way to understand others and communicate with them or build relationships.
  • Students will learn ways o develop some self-regulation abilities, which help them to control and regulate feelings or emotions.
  • There is going to be a development of empathy, which is one way to understand and share others’ emotions and feelings.
  • Students will learn to develop social competencies. It is one way to communicate and interact with one another, just to work together as a team with ultimate cooperation.

Creating proper learning and development strategy:

The holistic approach to learning and development will always start with a proper strategy, which is defined and understood clearly. DPSG knows about it and has already drafted one such plan to use.

  • The strategy will help in setting up the mission and vision for the L&D functions.
  • The main goal is to create a proper alignment point for every student and gives them the best shot in life.
  • Investing some time in creating a charter that covers various areas of development and learning is important. It must include training scope, who will provide the same, and how the results will get delivered and managed.
  • Once the strategy has been chalked out, it is time for the teachers to communicate the same with the students of the organisation.

The teachers from DPSG have already worked out one such strategy and have used the same to shape the careers of multiple students already. Doing the same for your little one won’t be a tough nut to handle.

Continuous learning and development:

The team from DPSG is all about continuous learning and development as it forms a major part of holistic development. It helps in shaping up the right behaviour of students and prepares them for the hard world ahead. So, registering the name of your little ones with DPSG is always the clever thing you can do as a parent.

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