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How to Get Admission to Foreign Universities After 12th?

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED November 30, 2023, UPDATED November 30, 2023

The number of Indian students opting for foreign education has been on an upward trend in the past few years. According to Business Standard, about 1.8 million Indian students are expected to study abroad in 2024. There are numerous attractive destinations, in particular for individuals who seek overseas education as soon as they finish their higher secondary education. 

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad (DPSG) Society, as an educational organisation, offers world-class education to students in all 7 branches. Through the Career Counselling & University Placements (CCUP) Cell of DPSG, many of its students have successfully secured placements at prestigious foreign universities, further highlighting the faculty's commitment to nurturing worldwide leaders. 

With this blog, we aim to enlighten readers with insights on how to go abroad for studies after 12th from India. It will help you make up your mind and start preparing yourself for the best international education after 12th. 

Benefits of Studying Abroad After 12th

Studying abroad immediately after successfully finishing 12th grade has several advantages. Here are five compelling reasons why many students opt for this path.

World-Class Education

There are many countries with some of the best and most renowned educational systems. Your choice of where you want to pursue your undergraduate will give you chances to develop skills, collaborate with industrial leaders, and get access to expert faculty.

Affordable Education

Numerous nations offer affordable undergraduate programmes in multiple disciplines so that every student can afford and pursue their dreams. 

Enhanced Learning Experience

Many education consultants work together with prominent educational institutions and professional experts, offering you the best training. The essence of this partnership is that it gives you real-world experience as an advantage in your speedy admission process.

Top Requirements for Undergraduate Study Abroad After 12th

To embark on your journey of studying abroad after the 12th, international students must meet specific requirements and requirements for how to study abroad after 12th

Academic Transcripts

You have to submit all your academic transcripts, especially those from your 12th grade or your diploma, which should be sent to the university. Students at DPSG get comprehensive guidance from respective faculty when it comes to the preparation of these documents.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

LOR stands for Letters of Recommendation, which are simply reference letters from people who know you well and can confirm your scholastic competency and integrity. If you are a student of DPSG, you could also get great letters of recommendation from your mentors or teachers. 

Statement of Purpose (SOPs)

SOP is a personal essay that explains why you can make it through the university program successfully and what makes you an excellent fit for the programme. 

Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport when it comes to applying to and studying in a foreign institution.

Student Visa

To study at foreign universities, you will require a student visa, and DPSG will guide you in your application.

Examinations Required for Foreign Education After 12th

English Language Proficiency Test

International students are typically asked to show their knowledge of the foreign language and pass a certain test to enter an institute to pursue higher education abroad. 

You might also be asked to take an English proficiency test before studying in an English-speaking country. These common test scores include the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, whose cut points vary depending upon the type of university or courses. At our school, we ensure that students go through preparatory courses and guidance for these examinations.


In most cases, Indian students who wish to pursue medical studies abroad must have a high NEET rating in order to get admission. Different universities and locations may have different entry requirements. 


Many students seeking careers in business-related fields should also submit their GMAT/GRE scores. Depending on the university and the degree that you pursue, DPSG provides all the necessary resources for you to excel in these tests. 


Some students taking courses with a focus on maths may also have to take the SAT test. 


MCAT can be an alternate exam instead of Neet since some MBBS graduates wish to study abroad, like in the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

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The Procedure to Study Abroad After 12th

To help you successfully apply to foreign universities for your undergraduate studies, here is an overview of the application process on how to go abroad after 12th standard. 

Identify Your Preferred Country

Research and gather information on the course and the country in which you want to pursue your higher education 

Ensure You Have a Valid Passport 

In case you do not have a valid passport, then get assistance and apply for your passport online.

Select Your University and Course

Seek advice from the DPSG faculty on what course and university you should choose based on your educational and career objectives.

Check University Entry Requirements

Ensure checking the admission requirements at the university website and consult with your DPSG mentor so that you fulfil the requirements for admission.

Clear Required Tests 

Prepare and sit for the required tests, including language proficiency examinations or standardised tests.

Pay the Application Fee

Secure your finances and consult DPSG on how to pay the application fee of the universities you intend to join.

Submit Relevant Documents

Prepare and submit all the relevant documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation (LOR), SOPs as well as test results before the application period ends.

Secure Funding

Upon receiving the acceptance, apply for a student visa, arrange the necessary funds for tuition and support, and use financial aid opportunities and scholarships available on the university websites.

Popular Courses for an Undergraduate Degree Abroad

An undergraduate course costs differ depending on the type of course and the country in which you want to pursue your undergraduate degree. Here's an overview of popular courses.

Business Studies and Finance

These courses are highly in demand by international students. 


It involves an array of opportunities in the field of business.


The demand for nursing professionals is on the rise.


BBA programmes are popular among undergraduate students who have preferences towards business administration programs.


Medical programmes are highly in demand.

Wrapping Up 

Studying abroad after 12th standard is worthwhile because it provides access to endless opportunities for growth and experience while you study abroad. Therefore, with proper guidance and preparation on how to study abroad after 12th from India. One-on-one guidance on university placements and scholarships is provided to each student at DPSG Vasundhara , which is one of the major mandates for its Career Counselling & University Placements team. 

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