“Life is the most difficult exam”.

Examinations are becoming a necessity in pursuing higher education. However, nobody has ever questioned their effectiveness in making students knowledgeable. One may argue that examinations are the only way someone can test their progress. But I would like to point out that there are many alternatives to examinations such as Portfolios, which help in goal-setting and marking progress, Assessment conferences which are like interviews which help in the long run when the student decides to get a job and many more. Hence relying on exams is foolish. Suicide rates in students are sky-rocketing due to rising competition and pressure in important examinations. According to a news interview done in 2016, a Bihar CBSE topper, the person interviewed showed no knowledge in her respective field. This led to the questioning of the examination system and an FRI against the interviewed person. Cheating is a major issue in examinations, which has no clear solution. It can be reduced not cured. Some lucky candidates may get away with cheating even with strict surveillance. Looking bigger than just school examinations, national and international examinations which have a tremendous amount of pressure way greater than grade level examinations. Parental nagging is also a great reason why examinations are unfair on so many levels. According to most scientists, 98% of everything you study at school is a waste and isn’t used in your latter life. Not everything taught at school is used in professional life. Some examinations require cramming their syllabus in order to clear them which isn’t a good practice as cramming leads to forgetting information soon after the exam. Yes, the students who cram do indeed pass the exams, however forget the things they have studies after a short while leading to no gain in knowledge. Hence examinations are not the best form to test someone’s knowledge.

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