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Machine Learning and AI

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED September 8, 2020, UPDATED December 1, 2022

When we think of machine learning we think of ultra-intelligent AIs taking over the world or uploading our conscience into a computer, but it is far from that. We already have machine learning integrated into our lives. It is how YouTube finds what videos we will like or how Spotify makes that playlist that you end up liking so much. Machine learning is just taking in data and compiling it in such a way that we can make a prediction of further data.

For example, imagine Chintu, for whom we want to buy a toy. While buying the toy for him two factors come into play; one is the size of the toy and other one is the complexity of the toy. He already has three toys, two of which are big and complex and he likes to play with them a lot. So, based on this data what toy would you buy for Chintu? If you have chosen a big and complex toy you are correct.

This was a very small example of a situation where we use given data to figure out the category future data will fall in.

However, one should not think this is all machine learning is capable of. With machine learning we can essentially create emotions, personality thoughts, ideas or what we call an ultra-intelligent AI. So, be it picking a toy for Chintu or making ultra-intelligent AIs that can grow as they live, we can achieve many more such things with machine learning.

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