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Nanak’s Teachings Forever

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED December 15, 2020, UPDATED January 1, 1970

“That one plant should be sown and another be produced cannot happen; whatever seed is sown, a plant of that kind even comes forth.”

Beautifully quoted by the first of the ten Sikh Gurus Guru Nanak dev ji. Along with this, there are several other messages which he kept on imparting to the masses. His teachings are not past, they still keep immense relevance in current scenario. Let me acquaint you with some of them.

First in the queue is, importance of Guru- We students have inspiring & knowledgeable teachers who make us feel blessed. But when most of us achieve our aim in life, we forget to pay gratitude to our teachers who make us capable to touch the heights of success. We should remember that even if we touch the moon, we should never forget our teachers.

The second one is Sarbatt Da Bhala- every action we do should be taken only if we think it will not harm anyone but only give a positive impact in everyone’s life. Suppose, your friend has got bad marks in a subject but at the same time you have got good marks and you insist him to tell his marks even though you know those are bad. This will definitely make your friend unhappy and he will feel himself inferior in front of you and might your friendship with him come to an end.

The next is Sach Sunaisi sach ki Bela which means to speak the truth. Very Simple but yet the salient one. Speaking the truth is nothing new for anyone and you all must know a good deal about it. Speaking truth might give you a little scolding or maybe few slaps but it is always better than hiding it. A lie leads to formation of 1000 lies and just covers-up one truth. For instance, if we have not completed the task assigned to us because of one or another reason, we should not make false excuses for it. We should simply admit it and request for some more time to accomplish our task.

The subsequent teaching is no Discrimination. These things happen in the country every day but still they are overlooked. Some of you might say that these things are bygone. But it is not so. Many people still believe that a male child is superior to a female child. Maybe we cannot change ‘the world’ but we surely can change ‘our world’. As a student, we should think equal for boys and girls. Equal chances of participation and respect should be given to all students irrespective of discrimination on the basis of gender. We should inculcate a habit to treat everyone equally.

The another teaching is Vand Chako. It is one of the pillars of Sikhism. It means sharing goods with the needy. Nowadays, we see how our school is running on this principle. We get Pecha-Kucha presentations to make, which set a great example for this. You might not find it amusing but that is the creation of a genius. These presentations make us understand how sharing the knowledge makes a masterpiece. Many minds together get something even better than an individual.

The last in the series is never speak ill for anyone. You might say something bad to anyone who is innocent or in other words has not done the thing he is accused of and cursed for. You might regret it in future but it will be too late. Breaking hearts is much easier than joining hearts. Guru Nanak ji was no exception and thought the same. So, I would conclude with the quote that ‘Think Before You Act.’ Application of this, will not only obstruct the occurrence of many problems in life but will give birth to divine relationships.

Anag Sone Pandey


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