It is embedded inherently in you

Just smile is all you have to do

Embracing is what it asks

To prevent violence’s mask

And it is much easier to love than to hate

Love is the better option, it is pretty great!

There can be so much joy if people try

Its like doves flying in the sky

It is like the colours in the rainbow

Like rain washing all the sorrow

Like a sunny day with a cool breeze,

Like a world free of a lethal disease

In peace everyone can find solace

That binds you like a golden menace

It’ll be a world where no one is heartless

It’ll be the cure to all the inhumane mess


If i could ask for one single wish

A world where the hating fire shall diminish

I would ask for a world so pleasant

Where kindness shall be permanent

The beautiful song of the nature,

For a beautifully heavenly future

If the world before bombs we can restore

Or else it gets disrupted by war

Just try and feel it in your aura

And find it spreading like flora

Smell. It is spreading its fragrance

Luring you into its sweet indulgence

Just stuff it in a pandora

And enter humanity’s ora

For as you accept peace today

It will serve you when you lay


To give and give and receive naught in return

For something attainable yet implausible you yearn

Listen to your mind and your tranquil soul that’s screaming

Dripping with exhaustion, advising peace’s preening

Come lightning and thunder

And rain as well as plunder

But the freedom is unbound

And the peace is profound

Under the hatred and it’s deadly dart

You’ll always find a gentle human heart

One that grows on global ceasefire

Whose love and peace are the only desire

So, forget for a day the woes of the past

To gain a guarantee for a future so vast

For there lies a day when peace would reign

A smile would end all foolish bargain


You and I, we are agents of peace

We live happily and we lovingly decease

You and I, we are agents of war

We fight all day and perish in gore

If there came another world war

Humanity would succumb that’s sure!

There’ll bloodshed and a deadly blast

Then we’ll weep with our mouths aghast

There you can see that shining star

It may look distant, but its not that afar

The star is called peace, an eternal gift

Calling for help, before away it’ll drift

Let’s kill the world with words so kind

Preach love to the human mind

Set fire to your arrow and bow

Learn to forgive, learn to let go

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