Peace & Harmony

It is rightly said, “Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding.” Peace is the path we take for bringing growth and prosperity to society. When we live in harmony with everyone peace comes to us naturally. Peace and harmony are very important to live a stable and peaceful life. Peace and Harmony provide unity among people. Living in harmony with our friends, relatives, and neighbours helps us maintain our inner peace and releases anxiety.
We can be vulnerable and open to our friends and family whenever we need them instead of being stressed out or living in despair. Spending quality time is another way of maintaining social harmony as it gives us the opportunity to share and gain with each others’ experiences. Neighbours are the ones around whom we reside most of our life, being connected with them and having an amicable relationship will always carry our mind with tranquility.
Company around definitely is a boon but that doesn’t mean we should intrude in anybody’s privacy. We should also be observant enough to leave people alone when they want it. We should be sensitive enough not to joke about things that people are sad about.
Maintaining harmony with one’s self is as important as upholding it with others. We should try to keep our self-happy and keep inner peace by talking to people who help us. We can also stay energized by spending time on our hobbies.
These are the easy tips which we all can trail to have peace and harmony within us and in our surroundings.
Samriddhi Lakshmi
8th C

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