Setting the benchmarks / standards in the teaching learning community

‘ A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions…….. think’, wrote Byron in Don Juan. And foremost in the thoughts of these millions has been the search for success in their personal, family and professional lives. No matter what it is: money, position, prestige, some special achievement, to be of service to fellow-men, love etc. everyone yearns for some kind of fulfillment and success in some form. These inner urges inspire us to action.

I, thereby am no exception. I have the same opportunities as other men and women, in high and low places, to succeed or to fail in this land of unlimited opportunity. First and foremost I would like to say that ‘Desire’ is the beginning of all human achievement and there is magic in desire. Remember, magic also lies in the skill of the magician. I have seen the principles of success at work in the lives of hundreds of men and women in every field of endeavor. It was only through continuous study and testing that I found the reasons behind both success and failure, and how to motivate those hands I had picked and held to move ahead in life.

I have always tried to motivate my student to be his most constructive self and to have confidence in his own potential. What I have catered to is that ‘Decisions’ are important, when followed through with ‘Action’. Without action, a good decision becomes meaningless, for the desire itself can die through lack of an attempt to achieve its fulfillment. And that’s what I have trained my students in i.e. to act immediately on a good decision.

The next attitude to which I want to lay stress is just make a positive statement and ask an affirmative question which will be almost a natural reflex action. This plays a vital role in winning the confidence of the students and make space for yourself.

Next in turn to what I have laid importance in maintaining the standards in the teaching learning community is making my students think about building their own life. To be a benefit to themselves and to all mankind, to build from within but get help from without.

Inspiration to action is yet the most important ingredient to succeed in any human activity. And inspiration to action can be developed at will. The person who is inspired can no doubt overcome all obstacles. This is exactly what I have been striving for in my life.

Knowledge is gained anywhere and everywhere. It can be acquired from books, people, things. happenings, history and casual observation. But to be useful it must be organized. ‘And its never too late to learn – so don’t stop learning’. This is the mantra which I have applied to myself getting into this vocation.

‘Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration’, is what is said by Thomas Edison. He also stated: ‘The chief ingredients for success are imagination plus ambition and the will to work’. What I feel is this thought has really ignited my ideas as well; as inspiration to action develops industry, perseverance and initiation. It does spark the imagination to originality. Thus, the list of ideas which I practice in the teaching-learning community is endless. But, success in all fields of endeavor has been assisted by the employment of prayer. Regardless of one’s beliefs, prayer from a psychological viewpoint is beneficial in crystallizing one’s ideas towards an objective and develops a stimulating internal force. To thank the Divine Power at the end of a good day has never harmed anyone…….if anyone wants to get results, Try a Prayer!!

By: Neeru Bali (PGT- English)

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