Survival of the fittest

With the eruption of a new virus, we witness the process of survival of the fittest once again. There are no effective treatments available. Who do you think would survive? The weaklings or the fittest?
I believe that the theory of the survival of the fittest is a broadly misunderstood concept.
For starters, nature is an independent natural force that guides the development of species allowing the strong to flourish while eliminating the weak. The quality of humans is improved in a similar way as the animal breeders who selectively breed to enhance desirable characteristics because, it is instinctive. If you do not believe me, ask yourself. Don’t you have a secret desire to be the best?
I would like to inform, much to the dismay and surprise of the ones who do not believe me, that the survival of the fittest theory has NEVER said that the object in its current state would stay the same ‘forever’. Like if an arm is broken today, it does not mean that the hand would never HEAL because the theory tells how things are, not how they should be. The biggest example to support this statement is the human evolution from an ape like creature to a civilised organism. We developed our skills and intellect and gradually become the apex predator from the helpless prey.
Aren’t these facts enough to prove my stand???
I see you are still not satisfied. Well umm…
Let us take our own body as an example then: There exists a special mechanism of self-destruction in case the cells go rogue and turn cancerous. To supress those undesirable cells, some enzymes digest the entire cell. A similar process takes place in nature and this justifies the honest and pure intentions behind the selfish deeds done by the humans.
So, my dear friends, DO REMEMBER, that every advancement is preceded by a partial weakening. It is the ULTIMATE LAW OF NATURE. Everything that occurs has a reason. The wars make us realise the significance of peace. The taste of defeat pushes us to fight back stronger. And the competition for persistence urges us to strive harder because “EXTINCTION IS THE RULE. SURVIVAL IS THE EXCEPTION”
Before I conclude, I request my friends on the other side to reflect on the theory once again.
Was it the motive of the deeds that was corrupt or the path chosen to reach the destination?
Having said this, kindly reflect….

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