Life is wonderful but not always easy. It has problems too. And the challenge is not the
problem itself but overcoming it and facing it with courage. Besides, who doesn’t face challenges in their life?
Every single person in this world has faced one or the challenge. A prosperous person now must have faced failure several times in his past. A well-known actor was once a struggling actor and a world-known athlete, was once a person putting day and night together practicing, just to become what he is today. The current situation of the pandemic is also none other but a simple add-on to these challenges. In reality, person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success. It is only when one toils and sweats that success is nourished and maintained.
Challenges are hard themselves, but there are some things that make them even harder.
‘Procrastination’ is one of them. It is the act of delaying. Many a times, we have a lot of work. But either we are too engaged in our favorite activities or too lazy to work, so we delay it. Later on, the work keeps getting piled up. It is a very hard thing to avoid and once practiced, it ruins our entire time-management. Is there any way to stop procrastination? Yes, obviously there is; there are many ways. But the best way is – change later to now.
Another difficulty is ‘stress’; every individual experiences stress in one or the other time. In fact, almost every change in our surroundings or us leads to stress, whether negative or positive. Even a pleasant change such as a holiday- requires some coping, which may lead to stress in some. So, it is quite obvious to experience this midst a challenge. Thus, we have to learn to overcome it.
Be and think positive. Don’t let negative thoughts drain your mind. Tiredness is common, so learn to rest, not to quit. Forget about everything else and focus on the good in your life.
We all face challenges, but with hard-work and courage, we can overcome them. To sum it up, life is like a rose- it is wonderful like the rose and has problems like the thorns. And you have to bear the thorns, in order to see the rose. And always remember, yes, you can!

Samia Sayeed
Class 7D

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